Bored of using the Samsung Galaxy S8 device? Think about selling your phone? Wait, before making any decision about selling Samsung Galaxy S8. You can get the new-like feel with your device again. Just read our article further, and maybe the facts and features we are going to discuss here will change your mind.

Yes, your smartphone comes with dozens of new features that are now common in almost all brand phones.

But what’s new in the Samsung Galaxy S8?

Well, nothing new but there are some hidden features in your device that you don’t even know or use. So, in this article, we will discuss some cool hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that we think you must know. So, have a look below to know them.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Features

So, without doing further ado, let’s start with the Samsung Galaxy S8’s hidden and cool features.

5 Fresh Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Features

Use a Separate App Sounds

If you are a music lover and love to listen to music via Bluetooth in speakers at full bass, then this feature is for you and is among the best Galaxy S8 hidden features. With the S8, Samsung offers you a fantastic feature called “Separate app sounds.” It allows users to play sounds in their smartphones for a specific app through a specific output only and all the other sounds are performed through the device.

To enable this feature do follow these quick steps:

  • Open “Settings menu > Sounds and Vibration > Separate apps.”
  • Under separate apps enable the toggle and choose what apps play their sounds as audio output.

Enable Download Booster For Fast Download Speed

Samsung Galaxy S8 offers you an amazing feature to increase your download speed. This means that it uses your Wi-Fi and LTE connection at the same time to increase downloading speed. To enable the download booster, you need to follow these quick steps.

  • Open the “Settings menu > Connections > More Connection Settings.”
  • Enable the toggle next to the download booster from its grey to blue color.

Enable Dual Audio For Bluetooth Devices

Samsung S8 with Bluetooth 5.0 can stream music to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Yes, this is awesome. But the question is is there any lag between the devices? Well, to be frank, there might be a slight lag between the devices. However, S8’s main motive is to allow two people to enjoy wireless music over Bluetooth now simultaneously.
To enable this feature on your device, follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the “Settings menu,” under it tap on “Connections” then tap on “Bluetooth.”
  • Tap on the “Three-dot menu” but make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. After that, allow the “Dual audio” option. Now you can enjoy music on two devices at the same time.

Capture Snippets Or GIFs

This is the feature that you truly enjoy in your Galaxy S8 phone. S8 offers some smart tools in the edge panel, and from these tools, you can capture a rectangular elliptical portion of the screen.

But what’s the main attraction?

Well, the main attraction is its animation tool. If you are watching a video and you want to capture the fantastic scenes of the video, you can swipe to the “smart edge panel” and click on the “animation tool,” and it creates the GIF version of this scene.

Moreover, S8 converts the recording into a GIF version that you can easily share with your friends or save to your gallery. Isn’t it cool Galaxy S8 has hidden features? Just try it right now and share your views in the comment section below.

Secured Folder

As the name suggests, a secure folder is a new and latest feature added by Samsung in their S8 phones. The secure folder keeps your data safe inside it. Only you can operate or access this secure folder as it can be accessed by entering only by entering the specific PIN defined by you or scanning your fingerprint.

Moreover, you can create two separate spaces so that anyone can access one part and the other remains secured for you and only you can access which is inside the secure folder.

So, if you click a picture or capture videos with the S8’s camera app, it will be saved into the gallery under a secure folder and will not be visible to anyone else. Overall, if it’s data or media security is something that matters to you the most, this S8 hidden feature is made for you. Just use it and secure all your files and media that you don’t want to share with anyone else.


So, these are some cool Samsung Galaxy S8 hidden features that hardly anyone knows or in fact, no one knows. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and started using these features on your device by now. Also, let us know in the comment section which of the above-mentioned Galaxy S8 hidden features you liked the most.

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