Have you ever heard about song detector? When you are listening to any music, you have liked it and want to know which song is this? several years ago, it was very hard to identify a song that you are hearing on the radio or somewhere else. Best and most easy way to detect recognize music is that you ask to google what song is this and it will show you. Today, thanks to few best android App That Recognizes Songs on Android smartphones easily within minimum time.

This solution is available for almost all platform including desktop, iOS as well as on Android. There are so many apps available in the market that claims to best Audio Song Identifier quickly and fast but is they accurate? which is the best app to recognize music most accurately? Do check out few Music Recognition App for Android reviewed below.

Best Android App That Recognizes Songs


Shazam is one of the world’s Best App for Recognizing Songs, This android application used by more than 100 million people for identity music.

Shazam - Apps for Identifying Songs
Shazam – Listen to Song and Identify

With this application, you can get the many information about the song like lyrics, artist name, music title name or album name. The Shazam android app allows you to search music or song by recognition feature. The Shazam can recognize almost all songs and TV episodes. It has a huge database of audio and songs for this service. 

Feature of Shazam

  • You can enjoy music lyrics and YouTube videos
  • You can listen or buy your songs in Google Play Music with just one click
  • Also, you can preview of songs and add them to online music streaming playlists

Once the music or song has been identified by Shazam, you can download music on google play or iTunes. If you want to listen to any music, you can also use online music streaming app for the online listing. You can download shazam for android from below.

Shazam: Find Music & Concerts
Shazam: Find Music & Concerts

TrackID – Music Recognition

TrackID is the Best App to Identify Songs from our list. If you don’t connect with the internet connection or data plan, With the Offline Mode, TrackID will recognize any music or song without any data plan or internet connection and identify them when you are online or connected via the internet.

TrackID - Music Recognition Android App
App That Recognizes Songs

With the TrackID, you can’t miss any song and music. In this app, you can access your browsing history in the main start page. Also, you can listen to song as a preview.

Feature of TrackID – Music Recognition

  • You can access your browsing history in the main start page
  • With the Offline Mode, you can capture any song or music without any internet connection
  • Listen to song or music as a preview
  • Best Music Recognition Apps
  • You can listen to song in Spotify online streaming app

Sound Hound Music Search

SoundHound App is a music search and recognizing an app that helps you to identify music or songs. To identify music, only you need to click on the Orange button and you can see song artist lyrics, or buy option on the screen, also you can share and stream them by online music streaming app. Sound Hound app for android is Online Song Identifier by Sound

Sound Hound - Recognize Music from Sound
Soundhound – What Song Is This Audio Recognition

You can see real-time moving lyrics on the screen. This app allows you to access artist photo and biographies. You can see album release date and any band info on this app. With the SoundHound android application, you can preview songs and albums.

Feature of SoundHound

  • Just click on the Orange button and you can see song artist lyrics, or buy option on the screen
  • You can share and stream them by online music streaming app
  • Also, you can access artist photo and biographies
  • You can control TouchTunes, Jukebox and also you can play your songs
  • You can purchase songs or albums instantly in Google Play Music
SoundHound - Music Discovery
SoundHound - Music Discovery

MusixMatch – Lyrics & Music

MusixMatch is the world’s largest lyrics catalog android app That Recognizes Songs. The MusixMatch is an android application that able to search songs with lyrics.

MusixMatch - Lyrics & Music
App That Recognizes Songs

You can stream your music and lyrics to your TV with chrome cast feature, This app also has an advanced feature like Equalizer and sleep timer. The Lyrics card feature allows you to share and create awesome lyrics. This application also supports android wear and android TV for streaming music and songs.

Feature of MusixMatch

  • You can stream music and lyrics to your TV with chrome cast feature
  • With support of Sleep timer and Equalizer like advanced features
  • Also, you can create and share awesome music Lyrics with Lyrics Card feature
  • Also, connect with Android Wear and Android TV
Musixmatch: lyrics finder
Musixmatch: lyrics finder
Developer: Musixmatch
Price: Free

Sound Search for Google Play

Sound Search for Google Play is the music and songs recognizing android application that helps you to find any music from google play music. It’s official service by Google that helps you to Find What Song This is directly from your smartphone.

App That Recognizes Songs

With the home screen widget, you can play and find in lock screen. The Sound Search android app that comes with easy to use user interface with advance features like cover art and equalizer. The Sound Search Identify Music Tracks quickly and allows you to buy a music track from Google Play music service.

This app has song identification history feature and saving feature, with this feature you can buy songs and music whenever you want. Another best android app that recognizes songs directly from your smartphone.

Feature of MusixMatch

  • Identify songs quickly and directly from your smartphone home screen
  • Also, allow you to purchase identified songs directly from Google Play Music
  • Song identification history feature, you can purchase a song whenever you want
  • You can add the widget directly to your lock screen

Here in this article, we have discussed most used and downloaded android apps that can identify songs directly from your smartphone. Do let us know which is your most favorite apps to find out which song is this?

Do you own any such apps? want to get featured on the android portal like this? Feel free to get in touch with us for your apps review.

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