Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the best devices launched by Samsung. While it does not mean that this mobile will never down with some issues. With every best smartphone, there is some problems will occur. This issue may be with battery, charging, performance, camera, and more. So, as soon as possible, the users should have to troubleshoot these problems that occur with the Samsung Note 5. For that, here we will also discuss the 10 Problems with Galaxy Note 5 and how to fix them. It will help you to get rid of such issues that occur with the Galaxy Note 5.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a 5.7-inch Full HD display along with 518 PPI. It is powered by a powerful 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 + 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 quad-core processor. 4 GB of RAM also comes with it. It runs on Android OS 5.1 Lollipop Android. 3000 mAh of battery power with the Li-Ion battery also provides you more standby time. It also supports S-Pen Stylus. You can also get 32 GB of internal memory storage space to use. So, feature-wise, this device is entirely superb.

But still, there are due to some reasons, some problems happen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. To get more familiar with the problems that occur on this device, here we will also discuss the same topic. We hope that by using it you will easily get rid of the problems.

Problems with Galaxy Note 5 and How to Fix Them

Here, we will list all the possible problems that occur with the Galaxy Note 5 devices. You will also be able to find out a solution for Galaxy Note 5 problems below.

So, now have a look at the detailed discussion of Problems with Galaxy Note 5 and how to fix them.

Battery Life Issue

This is the most common problem that mostly occurs with all of the Android. Behind it, there are some of the reason which plays a significant role. This Samsung Note 5 has a smaller battery of 3000 mAh power compared to their other features. Due to that, the rate is battery draining on this mobile is too fast. To get rid of them, just follow the tricks that we mentioned below.

  • By going into Settings > Battery, you can check which app is consuming much of the battery power. From here, you can also uninstall the app which causes the fast battery draining.
  • For the improvement of the battery power, you should also use the Power Saving mode. To enable it, go to Settings >> Battery >> Power Saving Mode. It will help you to save battery power to some extent.
  • If there are some apps which you are not using on your device, then uninstall it. May that app also makes the battery performance weak. By clearing the Cached data, it can also increase the battery performance. To do so, go to the Settings >> App Manager >> All Tab >> Select the App >> Cached Data.

Bluetooth Connection Issue

Bluetooth is also the best option for sharing small-sized media files or data. And some of the Android users are also using this feature regularly. But, after some time, the connection issues in Bluetooth happen. To troubleshoot them, you can try the below steps on your device.

  • Before pairing with another device, make sure that the procedure of the connection is right or not.
  • If the Bluetooth profiles are more than their limit, then also this issue occurs. So, first of all, delete the old profiles on your mobile. If you want to use this feature in the Car, then also delete the old profiles.
  • You can also try the Restart of the Samsung Note 5 mobile, to fix it.
  • Clearing of Cached data will also fix this problem. For that, go to the Settings >> App Manager >> All Tab >> Bluetooth >> Cached Data.
  • Also, try the Factory Data Reset of the device. To do so Settings >> Backup and Reset >> Factory Data Reset >> Reset Phone.
  • You can also perform the Wipe Cache Partition Process.

S Pen Jammed Issue

As we have discussed ago, this Samsung Galaxy Note 5 supports the S Pen Stylus. You can use it as a touch tool as well as writing equipment. The Note 5 device also contains a place in which you can put the Pen by inserting it into that. But, at the time of inserting or removing the pen, some of the users have complained about its jammed position.

If once it is jammed, then it is quite difficult to get rid of the problem. So, to troubleshoot this S Pen Jammed issue, just follow the steps below.

  • The best trick is not to put the S Pen into the Galaxy Note 5. This is the best option to avoid the jammed issue of the S Pen.
  • For a better solution, clear that place Pen regularly, and keep it clean. Never place it at the location at which the location of Pen gets dirty. To improve the Pen performance, you can also use a rubber band or a little piece of paper. It will make the top edge of the pen safe.
  • At the end, you can also visit the retailer of the Galaxy Note 5 mobile. It may help you a lot.

Wi-Fi Connection Issue

Some of the Note 5 users also complain that they are in trouble while making the Wi-Fi Connection. This is an issue, which you will have to fix to continue to enjoy the data using the Wi-Fi. Here, we have listed some processes which help you to solve the issue.

  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi is enabled or not. Switching Off the device is also one of the useful tricks.
  • Go to the Settings >> Wi-Fi >> Select the Wi-Fi Network. Here, select the option Forget network for the network by which it seems that the issue occurs. Then, gain and try to connect with that network.
  • Try Wipe Cache Partition and Factory Data Reset of the Mobile one by one. It may also help you.
  • If your Router is using Mac Filtering. If it is, then add the Mac address of the device from Settings >> About Device >> Status >> Wi-Fi Mac Address.

Wireless Charging does not Work Properly Issue

Wireless Charging is one of the great features of the Galaxy Note 5 device. But, while charging the mobile wirelessly, some users have faced trouble. Note 5 wireless charging issues were reported by so many users that troubles like the device not having charge and more. So, here we are reporting some best tricks to solve the wireless charging issue.

  • While charging the Samsung Note 5 with a wireless charger, do not forget to remove the case cover of the mobile. It works mostly.
  • Always use a Standard Wireless Charger. For that, you can visit the Official Samsung Site. We also recommend you use the Samsung Fast Charging Pad.
  • If the device is not charged in the normal mode, then reboot the device into Safe Mode. Then try to charge the mobile with the Safe Mode.

Unresponsive Issue

The Galaxy Note 5 users have also claimed that sometimes the mobile becomes unresponsive. In this issue, the device freezes, shuts down unnaturally, reboots randomly, and more. It is a very critical situation when this happens. At that time, you should have to apply proper tricks to get rid of the issue.

  • You can try the Wipe Cache Partition of the mobile.
  • Also of that, sometimes the Factory Data Reset helps you.
  • If you think that an error is caused by some apps, then uninstall it. To do so, your device has to enter into Safe Mode.
  • You should also plug in your device to the Computer or Laptop.
  • Even after all the tricks, still, the issue still continues and then goes to the Retailer of the device. However, the Authorized Service Center of this Samsung mobile will also provide you with proper guidance.

Fingerprint Sensor Issue

Fingerprint Sensor is a feature that allows you to unlock the device by just tapping the finger on the sensor. It comes with now all the latest smart devices. However, most of the Galaxy Note 5 owners are using the device with the issue of the Fingerprint sensor not recognizing. And if you are also one of them, then just visit the below-listed tricks and solve it.

  • First of all, make sure that your finger is not dirty or wet. If it is, then try after cleaning the finger correctly. More than that, you will also have to clean the Sensor regularly. Because sometimes unclean sensor also causes trouble.
  • Sometimes, the case or screen protector will also stop the identification of the finger. So, keep the sensor area free from such accessories as case, cover, screen protector, etc. You can also change the finger by going into Settings >> Lock Screen and Security >> Fingerprints.
  • Wipe Cache Partition, and Factory Data Reset also helps you a little in this case.

Default App Issue

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 mobile also comes with some pre-installed apps. More than that, the device mostly uses default apps. The Default apps also create such issues on the phone. If you see that the problem is due to the default apps, then you can also change those settings.

  • To modify the default actions, go to the Settings >> Applications >> Default Apps. From here, you will be able to change the default settings and default apps.

Autocorrect Issue

The default Samsung keyboard is annoying most of the users. While it does not mean that it is not a good keyboard and all. Although, some users do not want to use the Samsung keyboard. And, some owners have also complained about its Autocorrect option. So, to solve the Autocorrect issue, here, something is for you.

  • To disable the Autocorrect option, go to Settings >> Language and input >> Keyboards and input methods. Here, you should find an option of Predictive Test. Tap on it, and on the next display, at the top right corner, there is a toggle. Tap on that toggle to make this feature disable.
  • By going into Settings >> Language and input >> Samsung keyboard. Here, you can also disable all other features of the keyboard like Auto Replace, Auto-capitalize, Auto spacing, and Auto-punctuate.
  • The Google keyboard is also the best keyboard to use as a default keyboard. Also, you should try some other keyboards SwiftKey keyboard, Flesky keyboard, and more. All these keyboards are readily available at the Google Play Store. You will not have to pay anything to download and install it on your device.

Notification Issue

Some users are also having trouble with the notifications of the Galaxy Note 5 device. However, the notification is very useful for incoming messages, critical alerts, the latest updates, and more. It will also warn you about the lower battery power. But, due to some reasons, the notification alerts do not work correctly. This is a most common problem, by which many of the users are suffered. So, now to fix it, you should try some easy process.

  • Go to the Settings >> Notifications. Here, you can disable and enable the toggle for all the apps.
  • Also, have a look at the Settings >> Do not Disturb. Make sure that this option is enabled or disabled. If it is enabled, then enable it to turn on the notifications.
  • You can also increase the notification volume from Settings >> Sounds and Vibration>> Notification sounds.
  • If the above process does not help you, check out any third-party app, which may cause the issue. If a third-party app causes, then the uninstallation of that app is a good decision.

Now, we have completed this discussion of 10 Problems with Galaxy Note 5 and how to fix them. In which we have listed 10 problems with note 5 along with their fix. Which, You should easily get rid of such issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. We hope that this full discussion will be very helpful to you. If it works, then also share it with other users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android smartphone.

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