Are you tired of taking your travel charger and cable to charge your smartphone? We have found a solution for you that helps you ditch your old traditional charge and replace it with the Smallest Portable Phone Charger.

World’s Smallest Portable Phone Charger

Chargerito makes this charger, claiming that they have the world’s smallest mobile phone charging solution. Chargerito provides you with a portable smartphone charger for smartphones with a Type C charging cable and a micro-USB charging cable.

Phones with USB Type C Charging

If you have a smartphone that supports a Type C charging cable, you can use this portable charger for your device.

This is a very lightweight portable charger that you can even carry in your pocket. Also, to charge your device, you just need to connect your charger to the wall charging port and put your device on it. It does not have any cord to manage; just plug and play!

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Phones with the MicroUSB Charging port

Most smartphones come with a micro USB port, and if you have one, you can buy this travel adapter for your smartphone so you can ditch your old charger and cable.

All you need to do is just plug your smartphone into this charger and charge it on the charging socket.

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Check out the demo video of this charger, and you will surely love to have one for your smartphone.

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