Google made many products and provided many services to a user. Google does not have an interface. It offers large storage space. Google Play service has lots of errors but some mistakes have an error code that makes them easier to identify and fix, but some errors like the one in question, don’t solve those errors. Sometimes unknown issues come with Google Play service time it does not provide the solution in the right direction.

Unknown Issue With Google Play ServicesWhen creating these types of problems that time you think about uninstalling or disabling the app, but that is not a good idea. When we uninstall or disable the app, you are not able to use Google’s latest update. Now we see some issues with Google Play services.

Make sure you have enough storage space and memory

Google Play services are a need for space and free RAM for saving updating and moving data. Here we saw what you need to do.

Clear Google Service Framework Cache

  • You can use the phone manager to achieve the files. The phone manager is available on most phones.
  • Open the app clean to the task manager and clear the write data.
  • Suppose you have a provide the 500MB storage space. If the cleanup app didn’t free that much, try to uninstall some apps you use rarely. Keep restarting your phone and start the minimum app in a background process.

Check out solution 2, below, if the first solution has not fixed your problem.

Clear Cache & Data

  • First, open your phone.
  • Now go into settings and click on phone storage.
  • Now you should see how to manage your storage by Google services.
  • Click on catch data and delete the hitting data.
  • You can delete any files but first, you move into SD card storage, and then you can delete the files.
  • If your storage space is not decreased, you delete a file that you use sometimes.
  • Now you go to Settings> Application > click on Application Manager.
  • If your app is connected to the same app data and it uses more RAM then tap on the stop option.
  • Now you can use your phone normally.

Regretting your Permission

When you need Google service they do not give all permission and that time it does misbehavior. Now we show some steps for regretting your authorization.

  • First, you go into settings and click on the Application option.
  • Check you select all filter apps and click on Google Play service.
  • Click on the permission option and see if it is all granted or not.
  • If you see that permission is not given, disable it.
  • Now reboot your phone then check your problem is gone.

Clearing Data and Cache

Many apps deal with different processes that reason it is not safe for our phones, and they can make mistakes easily. Here’s we see how to clear and catch your data.

  • Go into the settings and click on the Application option.
  • Now tap on Google Play services.
  • Now inside click on storage and then click on manager space. You can see the manager space option at the bottom.
  • Clear all data and wait for your device to be your regular storage space.
  • Go back and click on the storage option then tap on a clear cache.
  • Restart your device and see if your problem comes again or not.

Forcing Google Play Services to Update

This problem does not come in all phones. Most time you do have not more space available, but Google says to update your app at that time you need to use these force-stop options. If your error is organized by Google products like Google Play Store, Google+, Hangouts, or Google Analytics at that time, you can use the force option for the reason that the application disappears from the update option.

Here we see what you need to do to force Google Play services to update.

  • First, you Go into the setting.
  • Deactivate your Android device manager option.
    (Suppose you don’t see the Android device manager option then skip this option)
  • Go to the Setting option and click on the Application option.
  • Now you see all apps make a filter and scroll down and click on Google Play service.
  • Tap on Uninstall Updates and restart your phone.
  • Now wait for an update again and check if it is perfectly run or not.

Clearing Google Services Framework cache

Google has a personal system available it’s called the Google Service Framework
Now here we provide steps for solving your clearing Google services framework problem.

  • First, you go to the settings menu and click on the application manager.
    ( If you can’t see the Application Manager option then go to the settings menu and click on the Application option, now tap on the menu icon and click on the Show system process option)
  • Now click on Google Service Framework and tap on the force stop option.
  • Now you go to the storage menu and click on the clear cache option.
  • Now restart your phone and see the error is gone.


On this page, we give you some solutions to google play service problem. If you are satisfied with these all solutions, then write some comments in the below box.

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