Want to get rid of turning off talkback on your smartphone? Simply disable it from the setting menu. So your talk-back app will not work. Check out more details about disabling talkback on your phone.

If you are an Android user and our smartphone runs on Android version 4.0 or more, then your device has some great features. If your device runs on 4.0 or more Android versions, then it may be possible that you have one of the best smartphones. Those devices come with some useful features and specs. One of the great features of all time is the “Talk Back”. This is a useful feature, but after you activate it, you will notice that your device will speak whatever you do on your phone. If you don’t like your device speaking, you might want to turn off the talkback feature. How it is done is discussed here.

This feature only comes with those devices which run on 4.0 or more Android OS. The “Talkback” is a very useful feature for those people, who are blind or have low vision. Once you activate this feature on your device, then it speaks out all the things that you do on your device. So, like all the features, this Talk Back feature also has its limitations.

How to Turn off Talkback on Android

If you are a new Android user, you might not know how to turn on or turn off Talkback. So, for simplicity of all the new users, here we will discuss the one process related to this feature. By using this, you can easily turn on or turn off the Talkback feature on your smartphone device.

  • First of all, open the ‘Settings‘ of your Android 4.0 or more powered device.
  • Now, scroll down the display and go to the ‘Accessibility‘ option.
  • Here, you can see an option for “Talkback“.

Turn off Talkback Feature

  • Tap on that option and touch on the slider which has been provided in front of the option.

By following the above process properly, you can easily turn on the Talkback feature. But, if you want to turn off this feature after activation, it is difficult to find out. Because this feature also has its limitations. After the activation of this feature, it will block some features.

It is not impossible to turn off this feature, but it is difficult to find it. In Talkback mode, you can not easily swipe up or swipe down the display. But, here we also have the solution to it. To scroll down or scroll up the display in Talkback mode, just swipe up or down with the help of only two fingers. You can also select the required option by double-tapping on that option.

When Phone Talking Even after Turning off Talkback

If you are a user of a Samsung smartphone device, then there is also a probability that your device speaks even after turning off Talkback. If you are facing this kind of situation, then probably the feature of “Driving Mode” is activated. This feature provides you with info about all the incoming calls as well as messages.

If you are getting bored with this Speak Out feature, then just turn off it. By using the Notification panel, you can easily turn off the feature of “Driving Mode”.

So, here we are going to complete the discussion on how to turn off the Talkback feature. We have also discussed the limitations and solutions of this feature. By using the above solution, you can easily get rid of such kind of situation.

Do let us know if you have any issues by following those steps in the comment section below.

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