Looking at videos about how some YouTubers troll some scammers for hours sure feels satisfying, and at the same time funny, due to their reactions. However, when your family member becomes a victim of these scams, it’s saddening.

The Guide on How to Protect Elderly from Scams 1

We learn how to deal with scammers because we want to protect potential victims, which are mostly seniors. Without the proper knowledge about the scams, most of them would easily fall into the trap set by devious scammers.

If you want to protect your older family members from scams, there are some ways you can do so.

Protect Your Parents From Scams

Did you know that billions of dollars were lost to scammers? Saddening news indeed, but it’s very real. The scam attempts are still something common we can find today. Seniors who are not informed about this can easily think that these scammers are legit professionals from reputable businesses.

When asked about personal information, they may unknowingly share it with these scammers and get their money robbed from them.

Of course, this condition is terrible. As children, you can try to protect your parents by doing these options:

  • First thing first, tell them about the scams and how they work. As you explain it, don’t make seniors look like someone to blame. Remember, they didn’t really know anything about it before, and you’re here to share it with them. You have to be patient.
  • Remind them again about one important life lesson: don’t ever trust strangers. Tell them to not trust anyone they don’t know, although they claim to be a part of reputable businesses or companies. Scamming the elderly online is such a terrible act, and we have to stop them.

Take Control

So, how to convince someone they are being scammed? By showing the results. When scammed, the victims will have their money robbed without their knowing.

But, hopefully, you can still do a preventive method before the actual bad thing happens. This can be done by using a spy app, like Eyezy. By using this monitoring app, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Monitor calls;
  • Monitor text messages;
  • Monitor chatting apps;
  • Check social media platforms;
  • Block certain websites that are questionable or even scammy;
  • Do Email checking?

You may install this app on your grandparent’s phones to protect the elderly from scams. The way it works is by looking from the inside. Right from your phone, you may easily check emails, chats, and social media. This messenger online tracker can help you to find any scamming indication, you can directly tell your grandparents about it, and protect the elderly from scams by preventing bad things from happening.

Why Do Elderly Parents Fall For Scams

Seeing how terrible the scam cases that happened to the elderly, you might’ve wondered, why these poor people are easy to fall into this kind of criminal act. Of course, it might happen because of several important reasons:

  • They feel lonely, so any kind of affection (although it’s not real) will be much appreciated;
  • Diminishing cognition;
  • Most scams promise something great and profitable through investing that’s never been a reality. The reason why the elderly is easy to fall into this trap is because of the financial struggle.


Seeing how terrible those vile people scamming the elderly, we as their kids or grandkids need to protect them by giving them enough protection right from the inside. By using spy apps, you may effectively protect them from anywhere.

As there are so many options for monitoring apps, we highly recommend using Eyezy. With such a small price to pay for a subscription, you may get abundant protection features.

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