If you are looking about what does the star mean on your Snapchat then here we have mentioned about the Snapchat’s Gold Star that appears beside your friend’s list after posting the new snap. If you are one of them and wants to know that what does mean the Golden Star on Snapchat. Then you are at right place.

What Does The Star On Snapchat Mean

Snapchat is a social messaging app which is available for Android, Windows, and Apple smartphone users. This high-quality app allows you to capture and share photos, videos, and snaps.

If you have posted a snap to your Snapchat and if your friend replied to your snap within the 24 hours then you can see the star beside the friend’s name. However, it tells you nothing about how that your friend see your snaps. Only all it means is that you or one of your friends has replied to your friend’s snap in the past 24 hours. It is only the way of Snapchat that tells you that one of your friends has recently replied to one of your friend’s snaps.

So, whenever you will see the Golden Star beside the one of the friend’s name then remember that this is the way of Snapchat that tells you that your one of your friend that connected with Snapchat has replied to your friend’s snaps.

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