In technology era, parental control is a necessary thing for parents for their child. If your child loves to play with your Android smartphone, it is the important thing for you to set parental control over it. So that, they might not access visit offensive things over the internet. It is also necessary to protect your purchase & censorship to age restricted content from Google play store as well.

The good thing is, you can quickly set up child restriction from Google play store. Play store allows you to restrict content to the maturity level of apps you see & set PIN code for your purchase from play store. In this article, we will show you how to set parental controls on google play store. So as you can enable filter for downloading & purchasing the from Play Store.

This feature allows you to set parental control on Android smartphone to stop your children from downloading harmful and above age limit applications or games like Poker, Dating apps, Flirt Chat, Videos chat apps, and other application that could be harmful. By using this feature, you can filter any inappropriate content from play store.

Once you enabled the Parental controls on your Google Play Store, you can also secure your settings by four-digit PIN number. The feature also helps you to share your Android smartphone with your family members or others who may need parental control. Now Follow few steps to setup parental control on your Google Play Store:

How to Set Google Play Parental Controls

How to Set Google Play Parental Controls

Step 1: Open the “Google Play Store” app on your Android smartphone > Option/Menu

google parental controlsStep 2: Scroll down and select “Settings” option > “Parental Controls” option.
Step 3: You have to “Turn ON” parental control by slider button

how to set parental controls on google play storeStep 4: Now Enter the four digit PIN number to secure your settings for later. After creating the PIN number, you have to set a filter on Apps, Games, Music, Movies, and Books.

google play parental controlsStep 5: Here, you have to choose the highest maturity level of the content that you want to allow for purchasing or downloading.

Note: The parental control settings only apply to the smartphone that you added them on. If you want to add Parental Control Settings on another smartphone, then repeat these steps to again on your another smartphone.

Also, this is only restricted to Google Play store content. If you want to setup parental control on your entire smartphone, you should check this out. Alternatively, you can also use some app lock apps like Hexlock or similar apps, that allows you to protect your apps with PIN, fingerprint lock.

Check out this video guide for a more detailed tutorial on setting up parental controls for Google play store content.

So this way, you don’t need play store for kids, you just set parental control on it, and you have done.Do let us know how do you block content from your kids in the comments below?

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