The overheating is a common problem for some high-end smartphone. When user long time play games, watching HD movies and installing too many apps that time chances to comes overheating problem on our phone. Galaxy S7 overheating problem sometimes occurs due to excess heating; battery drains quickly this type of issues. Now here we see about Some S7 Overheating problems.

Fixing Samsung S7 Overheating Problem

Samsung S7 Overheating

Removing the excess App

Our solution is to uninstall the unused app. You can disable the inbuilt application. You go in setting and disable that app you want to do. After uninstalling an app, restart your device and check your phone.If it starts properly, then your phone problem is solved, but the problem is not solved, choose another option for the solution of a problem.

Don’t Use The Phone When It Is Charging

when mobile put in charger that time many users are use their phone. It is not good for mobile phone. When your mobile is in charging and you use the mobile phone that time, chances to heating your phone. Try to avoid using your phone when it is in charging so that your phone can charge quickly and it does not get overheating during the process.

Optimize Battery Usage

Sometimes the social app or other unauthorized app both damage your phone battery quickly and cause overheating. You want to stop this type of problem then you go into setting > open battery section. In the battery section tap on the Battery usage > on More option. Now click on optimized battery option and you can see your list of app and do the Battery Optimization enabled for each app.

Software Update

Many people are updating their smartphone for updating new features. It is good for our phone. You can check your recent update from phone setting menu. Tap on a software update, if the update is available then click on update now and update your phone’s software.

Check Third-Party Apps

If any third party is creating a problem in your app, you can update that app or uninstall that app. Suppose, You want to check your app is made from third party or not. check from restarting your phone in safe mode. You can hold down the Power button on your phone, click the Power Off button. When you see the option for Reboot to Safe Mode, click on reboot in safe mode.

Check, your phone is properly working or not. After completing this process If your phone is not properly work, the uninstall each app and you can use factory reset option for your phone.

If you choose the factory reset option, firstly you must take a backup your all data of your phone. You want to do backup then follow this step, first Go to the setting menu of your phone > click on Personal and look for Backup and Reset > In this option you look the factory reset data option > click on reset device > Enter the password or the PIN for your device and click on Delete All.

After completing your factory reset, check your phone. If your phone problem is solved, restore your data in your phone. And this problem is perfectly solved.

Reducing Screen Brightness

There are most users are removing their auto brightness mode. Some users do not change that setting and auto Brightness feature may drain the battery and overheat your device. That reason you can set brightness in your phone yourself. This is useful and that reason to fewer chances of overheating our phone. Now maybe your overheating problem will be solved.


If you use our solution to solving your overheating problem, then write your problem and which solution is used for solving the problem that writes down in below box.

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