Did you just break your Samsung S7 Edge screen? And now you are looking for the screen replacement but confused about where to fix the screen? If yes, you come here on the right webpage. We agree there are multiple ways to replace or repair your phone screen but knowing the right screen replacement cost is important.

As the Samsung S7 Edge screen replacement cost depends on the method you choose, that’s why there is no fixed cost. But we give you a rounded figure idea for your convenience.

Actual Samsung S7 Edge Screen Replacement Cost

It’s a very deal-breaker situation when your expensive device like the Samsung S7 Edge display breaks or shatters. As the phone screen is the most sensitive part that’s why it is essential to protect the display with a quality screen protector. The phone screens are most prone to damage. Whether it’s gorilla glass displays or standard displays, it can quickly be shattered if your phone falls at the wrong angle.

So, if you are a Samsung S7 Edge user and want to know the S7 Edge Screen Replacement Cost or methods to fix the screen problem, you come here to the right webpage. Today, we will discuss the actual Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement cost and how to fix the issue. So, let’s proceed further with the main content and let’s know how much the S7 Edge Screen Replacement Cost.

Actual Samsung S7 Edge Screen Replacement Cost

The screen replacement cost will depend on which method you select. There are five different ways to fix the issue, and the price depends on what you choose.

The predicted amount the Samsung S7 Edge screen replacement cost lies between 10000 to 12000 Indian Rupees or $150. To find the exact price and a few alternate solutions to this situation are as follows:

Reach Out To Samsung Authorized Service Center

Your nearest Samsung Authorized Service Center is the one-stop solution for all problems you face with your Samsung S7 Edge.

If the phone screen is shattered, the first thing that comes to our mind is to give the phone to the Samsung service centre. But it is not the only best solution in the market.

Samsung Authorized Service Center

The only advantage of repairing the screen from the authorized service centre is that you get 100% quality and genuine parts for the screen. The screen replacement cost at the Samsung service centre is almost twice the screen price, and they take 4-5 days to complete the process.

Bring Your Phone To The Local Repair Shop Near You

If you don’t want to spend high charges on screen replacement, give your phone to the local shop near you. Search for the best mobile repair shop in your area and give your Samsung S7 Edge to them. The advantage is that they charge a minimal price but give you lighter quality.

Bring Your Phone To The Local Repair Shop Near You

The products they use are sometimes original, but they mostly use cheap and first-copy products. Also, they don’t give any warranty on the screen replacement. Also, they are not professionals like you find in Samsung authorized service centres.

We always recommend getting your smartphone repaired by the authorized Samsung service centre, as your smartphone display will not work after a few days of replacement by local shop owners. The reason is they use cheap displays to offer you a cheap solution but they will not last longer than you expected.

Don’t Hesitate To Claim Your Insurance

If you took any personal item insurance or other specific insurance for your phone when buying it, it’s time to claim the policy and take advantage of that. Check your policy plan and claim accidental damage instead of theft or loss.

Claiming your smartphone insurance can cover your screen replacement cost and allow you to lodge claims if your Samsung S7 Edge is out of warranty. Samsung also has its insurance plans. They cover every part of the phone in their policy, along with theft and damage claims.

You can opt for these plans while buying Samsung phones. You can also extend the warranty plan with the Samsung premium care service. The benefit of this service is that you can exchange your damaged phone for a new one.

Do It Yourself

The safer and wiser way to replace the screen of your Samsung S7 Edge is DIY. You just need to buy top-notch screen parts for your device from trustworthy online stores.

And take the screen to the local shop and get it installed at cheap rates. If you are tech-savvy, you can also replace the screen by watching YouTube videos.

Do It Yourself

It is an inexpensive way to replace the screen, but every method has its disadvantages. The biggest drawback is that this option voids the warranty, and you require a lot of patience to replace the screen.

Get The Screen Replacement Service At Your Doorstep

It is an excellent and trouble-free solution to repair the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at your doorstep. Many genuine companies offer screen replacement services at your doorstep.

Get The Screen Replacement Service At Your Doorstep

Official company samsungrepair.com (available in UK & Ireland) is the most trustable company & is the one-stop solution to fix all mobile problems.

Their experienced and trained employees provide quality parts and services with a warranty. Also, they are experts in multi-brand mobile services. So, schedule your repair and enjoy doorstep service as soon as possible.

Protect Your Device With The Screen Protector And Cases

Protect Your Device With The Screen Protector And Cases

Of course, no one loves to invest too much in repairing so, the best and foolproof way to prevent accidental damage is the screen protector and cases. It’s best if you opt for a durable and shockproof case with a solid tempered glass screen protector.

Here are some best and durable screen protectors and cases to buy.

Wrap Up

So, here is the guide for the Samsung S7 Edge screen replacement cost. The screen replacement cost varies according to the methods.

So, invest in screen protectors and cases rather than repairing the screen. That’s all for now, and thanks for reading this post. We hope now you can protect the phone screen or fix the screen at a cheap cost. Do follow us for a new post and stay in touch for the latest updates.

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