Do you own Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone? We have hottest Android phones in the market today and one of those is Samsung Galaxy S5. If you want us to describe this smartphone just in one word, then we can simply say EVOLUTION. Its features have evolved as well as enhanced when compared to its predecessors. It features an amazing display of 5.1 inches along with a powerful quad-core processor and great battery life. Though this smartphone holds a creaky design as well as slow background de-focus still it features an in-built infrared transmitter which helps users in connecting their smartphone with TV. Do you have any idea about how to use smart remote on Samsung Galaxy S5?

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how to use smart remote on Samsung Galaxy S5

Interesting feature of Samsung Galaxy S5 features is Smart Remote app which basically requires a little setup before using it and it’s really an amazing app which helps users in reducing the overall number of controllers as well as helps in keeping track on on-going things at the particular point of time. Using this app will simply turn your smartphone into a remote handling TV as well as other gadgets in and around. It sounds really interesting but is it really in practical life? Users can easily change the volume as well as turn on the boob tube followed by adjusting all the input sources.

Samsung S5 Smart Remote app is preloaded in the smartphone and is powered by Peel. Users can easily browse their favourite shows directly from their satellite provider or Netflix. Users need to pair their Galaxy S5 with TV before getting the app started and here we are with a simple and easy method to connect it.

  • The very step is to find the icon of the Smart Remote app and head forward with the initial process.
  • Identify the location followed by a service provider and your country with ZIP code.

How to Use Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart Remote

  • Select the service provider according to your area followed by setting your devices.
  • Select the brand of your TV followed by a scanning process where in order to turn on the TV; the app will try in with some blasting signals. Users need to make sure that the top of Galaxy S5 must be pointed towards their TV.
  • Users need to go through a process of changing signals via their TV.

How to Use the Samsung Galaxy S5 as a TV Remote

  • Users need to click on the Add Devices option which they can easily find under Smart Remote settings which will further help them to adding some extra set-top boxes like streaming media box, blue-ray player, stereo system and Google TV.
  • Users can simply tap on with their smartphone smart remote app’s single power button followed by connecting all the devices linking with particular activities.
  • Users can easily change the set-ups of their devices by heading towards the settings of their device. It is easily accessible under Settings and users just need to click on Add Room which will take them up with the process of set-up.

Use your Galaxy S5 as a TV remote

  • The remote is directly accessible from the smart remote app by clicking on the top-right corner icon. By doing this a simplified version of remote will appear featuring major controls but some users try to get more from every app and if you want the same then you can simply click on the bottom-right arrow which will bring up more detailed options.

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This is a brief tutorial about how to use smart remote on the Samsung Galaxy S5. At first, the app will be displayed along with the subscribed services but you can easily cut down the genres which are more striking according to you under the Profile section. Samsung Galaxy S5 is best for the people who are a big TV watcher. So, this is all about Galaxy S5 smart TV which will simply make your life easier.

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