Dell is known to launch maximum innovative gadgets and Latitude 10 Tablet LAT10-6238BK 10.1-Inch Tablet in Black is one among them.

Review Dell Latitude 10 LAT10-6238BK 10 -

Now shifting to your own desired website, images and apps is just a touch away. There are so much positive feedback and a Dell Latitude 10 User Review on Amazon. If you are looking for Dell Latitude Tablet Reviews, here is the Dell Latitude 10.1 Tablet Review for you.

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Review Dell Latitude 10 LAT10-6238BK 10.1-Inch Tablet

The feel of Windows 8

Latitude 10 Tablet Specs are mentioned here in this article. Dell Latitude 10 has mingled the experience of the touch tablet of Windows 8 and the outcome of PC together here. You do not require bidding farewell to the PC application that you are used to along with Windows 8 here. This tablet of 10.1 inches is going to provide multiple things in one gadget. You can enjoy the split screen and apps through the display multi-touch in this 10.1 HD tablet. It has all the security features that your company windows should possess.

Fun at every step

Latitude 10 does multiple tasks so that you can enjoy the new movie while you are traveling or could read that book anywhere in your spare time which you failed to read last night as you fall asleep. It possesses an Intel Auto dual-core processor.

The charging port of Micro-USB gives you the freedom to charge with the go. The built-in speakers aid you in enjoying music at the loudest tone and you also get a stereo microphone along with headphones for enjoying that lonely moment. Dual array microphone along with rear and front camera helps you in a perfect video chat with your loved ones. You can connect it with ease to any projector or TV with the mini HDMI port. The Corning Gorilla glass and frame of magnesium alloy add durability to this gadget.

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Ideal desktop setup

Easy connectivity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi accessories plugin is provided by the productivity dock in it. You get a USB port in front and in the rear along with an audio jack. You get HDMI and Ethernet for the external display and keyboard so that you can share the same feeling as the desktop. It has a storage capacity of 64GB1 and more could be added to this memory with an SD memory card slot.


Charging could be done through the charging port of the micro USB. You get an AC adaptor of 30 watts. Enjoy a swappable 30Whr Lithium Ion 2-cell battery. Also, you could enjoy a swappable 60Whr Lithium Ion 4-celled battery.

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Supportive features & Dell Latitude 10 Specs

It supports Wacom Active Stylus, secured digital card slot, micro-SIM slot, 8MP rear camera, and 2MP front camera along with LED flash in the rear. Access to Dell Data Protection is through 1.2 TPM Hardware and DDP and TPM Software. You could also enjoy the most popular feature called the fingerprint reading feature. It has a smart card reader slot too.

Final verdict

By keeping in view all the features that it provides it could be concluded that it is surely a wise decision to buy it. The quoted price is in all regards negligible if you compare it with the features that it provides. In case if you still doubt the purchase of Latitude 10 then you need to read this blog again. It is one of the best Top 10 Tablets by Dell.

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