For security purpose, now you can preview which device has been connected and used to log into your Google Account. Google provides a high-class security feature to keep your account safe.

Suppose you are using multiple Android devices having the same Google account on all devices, you can find those connected device’s detail from your Google account. You can even preview your device’s activities. Sometimes, you can also see the devices that you are no longer using but associated once before long ago. You can remove devices from Google account if you wish.

If you have a device that you have no longer use and want to remove from Google Account. In this article, we have talked about how to remove a device from your Google Account. Now follow simple instructions to remove your device from your Google account:

How to Remove Device From Google Account01

Remove Device From Google Account

You can simply follow the 4 steps to remove a device from Google account quickly. You will need to open your Google account security from your computer or smartphone.

Access recently used a device, and remove an unwanted device from your account. It is very easy to follow those steps, check out the step by step guide to delete unwanted device associated with your Google account below.

Step 1: First, use your Computer’s web browser to visit:

Access 2: Click on “Device activity & notification” option under the “Sign-in & Security” section

google my devicesStep 3: Now you’re on the “Recently used devices” section, click on “Review Devices” option, then select the device you want to remove from

google manage devices - Remove Device From GoogleStep 4: Click on device info to expand, then press the “Remove” button

Now your device has been disconnected or removed from your Google Account. If you want to use that device again with the same Google Account, you need to re-authenticate to access this device for Google Services.

Having any trouble following those steps? Let us know your problem in details if you have any questions about this.

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