When you save contacts to your android smartphone, it automatically synchronize with your Google account. If you have associated Facebook account with your device, your Facebook contacts would also be synchronized with your phone book.We recently explained, how you can Remove Phone number from Facebook.Sometime your Google account will synchronize the contacts to whom you have sent email or contacted via Google account. Those contacts would not have any phone numbers or empty contacts. Such contacts are of no use and you might want to remove such contacts. Here is how you can delete or remove such empty contacts from your phonebook.

How to delete contacts without a phone number on android
How to delete contacts without a phone number on android

The overall procedure is simple, if you want to display only contacts that have phone numbers, it can be done using the method provided here. I would not recommend you to delete contacts because it would be helpful to you by anyway. You can backup your phonebook contacts using Gcloud android app.

How to Remove contacts without phone number from Phonebook :

  • Go to your contacts using contact menu or phonebook.
  • Go to setting by tapping on option
  • Here you would see option that will say you ” only display contacts that have phone numbers”
  • That would Remove Contacts Without Phone numbers from your phonebook.

This option would automatically filter all your contacts from your device & shows you only contacts to you that have phone numbers.  This option is particularly useful when you have synchronized too many contacts from social sites like linkedin, Google+, Facebook to your phonebook.

Please note this screenshots are captured with Samsung device and almost all Samsung device would be same. Almost all smartphones would having same or similar option to filter contacts from phonebook.

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  1. Does this procedure actually DELETE the contacts with no phone number? My problem is when my galaxy S3 synchronized with my Gmail account I ended up with over 2000 contacts and probably half of them or more are just email contacts with no phone number. I’m disabled and finding the smart phone too difficult for me to use and I want to go back to a flip phone and most of them will only hold 1000 contacts or even less.

    How can I completely erase/delete the contacts in my phone that don’t have phone numbers?


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