There are a lot of things that are needed to keep your data private on your phone. We do make use of app lock, Two-factor authentication, or even fingerprint lock to protect sensitive data on our phones. But this is something different if you do care about your privacy.

Privacy Screen Protectors

What are Privacy Screen Protectors?

We can say it’s similar to the other screen protector, but the only thing that makes it unique is it keeps your data safe from prying eyes.

It’s an anti-spy layer on the screen so that you can see your display clearly from your viewing angle, but the person sitting just beside you may not be able to view your screen because of the limitation of viewing angle.

What are the best privacy screen protectors?

There are a few brands that make privacy screen protectors for mobiles which are as follows:

How do privacy screen protectors work?

WHat are privacy screen protectors

As we discussed above, it mainly works on the viewing angle. Just check out the above image to see if the display turns black when you view it from the side as compared to regular screen protectors.

For regular screen protectors, it’s viewable from all viewing angles clearly. While for a privacy screen protector, the screen is hidden and turned black when viewed from the side and visible from the front end.

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As the name suggests, the main advantage of this protector is Privacy.

It’s not only limited to public places but helps you protect your screen from your roommates, spouse, or partner at any time.

The most obvious advantage of using a privacy screen protector is in the name — of privacy. Knowing that any sensitive information is safe from the prying gaze of bystanders is a big positive.

It gives the same benefits as a regular screen protector that helps you protect your phone display from scratches and accidental drops.

A few more advantages are manufacture-specific, like a blue light filter, anti-glare coating, or even oleophobic, hydrophobic coating likewise.


Many privacy screen protector brands promise no issue with brightness or clarity you get after installation.

Sometimes you need to increase the brightness if you are not able to view your display properly, resulting in faster battery drain.

Since you increase the screen brightness, the effectiveness of the privacy filter may be reduced to some extent as privacy screen protectors reduce brightness to some extent.

It may take time to get habituated to a privacy screen protector, mainly because you need to change your viewing angle while using it as compared to regular screen protectors.


So the main question is, do I need one?

We can say you can have this in case your work is like that, and you don’t want others to see your phone display.

In case you don’t mind if someone sitting beside you is viewing your phone and what you are doing, you can always go with regular screen protectors. It’s a personal choice.

Have any questions about using privacy screen protectors or looking for specific phones? Feel free to ask your queries in the comments below.

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