Ah, the joys of mischief and laughter! Android devices have become our trusty companions, haven’t they? From calls to messages, music to videos, they do it all. Remember the days of those cheeky fake calls? Ah, the memories! Some older Samsung non-Android phones even had this fun feature built-in.

But fear not! In the age of modern smartphones, the “fake call” feature isn’t as common. However, let me introduce you to an Android app that brings back the hilarity: Prank Call & Prank SMS. With this gem, you can dive back into the world of prank calls and texts. Let’s take a closer look at what this app offers.

New Pranks on the Block

Feeling creative? You can craft and save your own prank calls. Build a library of mischief to keep the laughs rolling. The app even lets you set the delay time for that perfect punchline.

And let’s not forget about prank SMS! Craft your hilarious texts and save them for the perfect moment. Choose your “prank victim” from your contacts list and watch the comedy unfold.

How to Use Fake Call – Prank:

  • Tap “Call Now”: This activates the fake call prank instantly.
  • Tap “Schedule”: Set a timer for when you want the fake call prank to happen.

Fake Call Prank Features:

  • Set Caller Name: Choose the name you want to display for the fake caller.
  • Set Caller Number: Customize the phone number for the fake call.
  • Choose Caller Picture: Add a picture for the fake caller, whether it’s a police officer, pizza delivery person, or anyone else you can think of.
  • Choose a Character: Select a character for the fake caller, adding to the realism or humor.
  • Set Ringtone: Pick a ringtone for the fake call, or stick with the default.
  • Set Caller Voice: Customize the voice for the fake caller.
  • Record a Voice: You can even record a voice for the fake caller, adding a personal touch to the prank.

Please note that: Just a friendly reminder, this fake call game does not have a real incoming call feature. It’s all about simulating that incoming call experience for your pranking pleasure.

Ready to Prank?

So, if you’re itching to pull off some hilarious fake call pranks, try out this Android app below.

Fake call - prank
Fake call - prank
Developer: GameAndro
Price: Free
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