Frequently having trouble with your MX player on android phones or tablet devices? You might have observed on MX player while playing a dual audio movie on your Android. Your MX player will show Audio format (AC3) not supported, and video will start playing without any sound. Well, In this article, we are going to discuss on how to add a custom codec to MX Player, so as it can also support DTS and AC3 Audio formats.

MX player is the best media player for Android smartphones and tablet but due to some licensing issues the MX player does not support some audio formats like AC3, DTC, MLP in Android devices. MX player comes with tons of feature and supports approx all video format. When you play your favorite music videos on MX player, suddenly you get the error that says “Audio format (AC3) not supported”.

It means this audio file not supported with MX codec only the video will play. Don’t worry about it; you can solve this error within 5 minutes. But the one question will come to your mind that is How to resolve MX player codec issue on my phone? So keep reading this article to fix this error on your phone.

MX Player AC3 Codec Issue – Fix Audio Format (AC3) Not Supported Error

We just need to download ac3 audio & DTS audio codec on our phone and things will start working. Here you can see how to add custom MX player codec to support AC3 and DTC audio formats on your phone. After adding this codec, you can play all videos that including AC3 and DTC audio file format in MX player.  Now follow these simple steps to solve “This Audio format (AC3) Not Supported” on your Android smartphone

How to Configure Custom Codec on MX Player

First of all, you need to download Custom codec for your MX player. But how to check, what type of codec supports on my Android smartphone. To check follow these simple steps:

  • Open MX Player on Android Smartphone
  • Now you have to click on “Menu” button
  • Then choose “Setting” option

MX Player AC3 Codec Issue on android

  • In the setting, click on “Decoder” option
  • Scroll down to the bottom, to see your Custom Codec version

Here we have a simple method to add a Custom codec to MX Player. With this approach, you don’t have to move or copy to internal storage. Now follow these simple steps to add Codec quickly. Open Download link using Chrome browser on your Android phone. You can download your MX Player AC3 Codec From here.

Note: You have to download this Custom codec using your default browser on android.

  • After downloading your suitable custom codec on your android phone
  • Tap on “MX Player” icon to open it
  • Now MX Player automatically detect the custom Codec

Download mx player codec

  • You have to click on the “Ok button to confirm action
  • Click on Ok button to Restart MX player

After following those steps, Custom Codec Successfully installed on MX player.

How to check Custom Codec installed on your MX player?

To check your custom codec installed or not follow these simple steps. If the Custom Codec installed successfully, then it can see just like below screenshot.

Open MX player on your phone and go to the Menu then choose the Help option, select About option.

MX Player AC3 Codec

Path : Open MX Player >> click on Menu >> choose Help >> then click on About option