We all know plenty of fish is a dating website, and there are so many peoples who come to the website to find the perfect match for themself.

If you had lost your way around the POF app and looking for someone’s detail, like when he/she was last online, don’t worry. We are here to help you. On this page, we will explain to you how you can easily find out when someone was last online on the Plenty Of Fish (POF) app.

How to Find Out If Someone Is Online

If you are using a free account on POF and still looking for a way to find online status, you can use the search bar and sort the user with the “Last visit” option. Here you will have mainly the following options available to look for:

  • Online Now
  • Online Today
  • Online This Week
  • Online Last 30 Days

If someone has deleted their POF account or hasn’t logged in for more than a month, you will not be able to find anything in the “Last visit” field.

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