To complete each type of particular work, you need some relevant functions. If you want to click a picture, you need a Camera. If you want to play a game, you need a video game console or a smartphone.

In the same manner, there are some digital files available that may be useful to the smartphone. To run it or open it, you also need a particular app. These files are generally available in the .cbr format. For the comic reader, it’s a regular question How to Open CBR Files on Android devices.

To have an easy solution to it, here we will be discussing the opening of CBR files. Before we move on to the solution, let us try to understand about .cbr file format briefly.

What is the .cbr file format?

Nowadays, you will get everything online at your fingertips without having many hurdles. You can find home accessories, mobile accessories, bikes, mobiles, clothes, shoes, watches, books, and many more.

For book lovers, two or three decades ago, the best place was a library. It was a place where they could easily get all types of books. It included action, romance, novels, comedy, comics, and more. If we are talking about today’s scenario, the best place is online whether it is book reading or shopping.

In terms of books, the comic books currently come with CDisplay Archived format. This format consists of many pages of comic books. This format is further divided into three more file formats, RAR, ZIP, and TAR.

Now, in the online available comic books also contain images and pictures. So, if the pictures are in RAR format, to open it, you need CDisplay RAR Archived Comic Book (CBR). Similarly, if the pictures have ZIP format, you have to use CDisplay ZIP Archived Comic Book (CBZ).

So, after discussing the primary info about the CBR file format, let’s discuss the ways of opening it.

How to Open CBR Files

There is no better way How to Open CBR Files except using the apps. There are many apps are readily available at the Google Store for a Comic Lover Android User. From which, here you will get a bunch of apps that will let you open the CBR files. All these apps are available at the Play Store with a free download. It provides high compatibility with your Android devices.

Here, we will mention the three apps, which are listed below.

Perfect Viewer

The Perfect Viewer is one of the perfect CBR reader apps across devices. Alongside, it will also provide faster results as an image, comic, and ebook viewer. For the comfort reading, the page layout can also be set up by you.

To do so, you can have options including Auto single page, Auto dual page, and Auto switch by screen orientation. It supports various ebook formats involving EPUB, HTML, and TXT. In terms of image file format, it supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WebP, and TIFF. It can open archived file formats like CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR, 7Z/CB7, and more.

Perfect viewer

It also includes such filters as Averaging, Bilinear, Bicubic, and more. To read every word of your favorite comic, it offers you View Mode. The view mode consists of options like Full size, Fit Screen, Fit Width, Fit Height, and Fixed size. It will support both readings whether it is Left-to-right or right-to-left.

If you like an image, then it will also let you set it as wallpaper. It also supports Zoom in and Zoom out for a better reading experience. It also lets you edit the images by setting up the brightness, contrast, and more.

Features of Perfect Viewer

  • Works as an Image, Comic, and Ebook Viewer
  • Page Layout can be set up by the user
  • Ebook formats like EPUB, HTML, and TXT
  • Image file formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WebP, and TIFF
  • Supports archived file formats like CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR, 7Z/CB7, and more
  • Filters like Averaging, Bilinear, Bicubic, and more
  • View Mode for a better view of each page
  • Supports Zoom in and Zooms out
Perfect Viewer
Perfect Viewer
Developer: Rookie001
Price: Free

Comic Time Reader

The Comic Time Reader is another good CBR reader app for comic lovers. This app will guide every content more smartly.

It will easily support the CBR and CBZ file formats for an extraordinary reading feel. The smart mode of the app will smartly lead you.

It shows you Panel detection and Guided view. Panel Detection can detect the panel which is inside of the page. So, you can go through the panel-by-panel manner. It also has a Comic library with categories, that lets you find the book.

Comic Time Reader

You can also load the book that you have stored on your Android device. This app is integrated with the device storage as well as external storage. This app will contain ads.

Features of Comic Time Reader

  • Support the CBR and CBZ file format
  • Smart mode with Panel detection and Guided View
  • Panel Detection can detect the inside page panel
  • Comic library with categories for an easy book-finding process
  • Integrated with the device storage
Comic Time Reader
Comic Time Reader
Developer: DexxSolutions
Price: Free

Astonishing Comic Reader

The Astonishing Comic Reader app comes with a classic UI. It will let you read all the comics and books that you have stored on your mobile. For the conventional comic reading feeling, it also offers a Zoom-in and Zoom-out facility.

To organize all your content, it offers a customizable way. You can also have a search option to find out what you want to read. You can also sync your collections of books across the devices. It can support both CBR and CBZ archived file formats.

Astonishing Comic Reader

For the utilization of additional features, it also offers an in-app purchase. While reading the comics, you can also share your favorite page with your friends using various sharing options.

With the features of this app, you can smoothly read whatever you want to read. The images of the books can also be shared with someone. Or else you can save it for later use.

Features of Astonishing Comic Reader

  • Classic UI
  • Read all your collections with a just few tips
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out service
  • Easily organize your collections in a customizable way
  • Search option to find out the title
  • Support CBR and CBZ archived file formats
  • Easy Sharing of pages and images of the comics
Astonishing Comic Reader
Astonishing Comic Reader

In the end, we hope that this guide will give you a solution for How to Open CBR Files.

If it does its job for you, why not let it spread over the bunch of comic lovers? So, kindly share it.

Do also let us know your opinion regarding the guide.

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