Google is the most trusted search engine. Google has also launched some smartphone devices. There are so many features as well as apps offered by Google. Some users have already used the apps or features which Google provides.

Regarding features, too many features have been provided by Google. An “Ok Google” is one of the features launched by Google. Sometimes we might face issues with this feature, & we might complain about Ok Google Not Working on a smartphone. Here is how to resolve ok google not working error on smartphones.

“Ok Google” is a feature by which you can search for anything on Google by just speaking. The feature of Ok Google is working as a command. By using this feature, you can get rid of from the typing of the desired search. This feature can also save your precious time. This feature works very well with Android-powered devices which run on Android OS 4.4 +.

But, sometimes due to some reasons, this feature of Ok Google may not work well with the devices. There are also some users who have the same complaint. So, here we are going to discuss a solution to the problem of Ok Google is not Working Properly.

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The Solution for Ok Google Not Working on Lock Screen

Regarding the solution, we will discuss the number of solutions only for Android users. If you want an “Ok Google” feature to work even on the lock screen, then just follow the steps below.

  • First of all, go to the settings of Google. Top go for ok google settings, open the home page of “Google search.”
  • Then click on the left corner of Google.
  • After that, the list is open for you. In which, select the “Settings.”
  • Then, go to the “‘Ok Google’ detection” by going into the option of “Voice.”
  • After doing that, just turn on the option of “From any screen.”

Ok Google 2

After following the above steps correctly, ‘Ok Google’ can easily work even on the lock screen. So you don’t need to open google search bar to command your smartphone. You can even speak ok google on a lock screen, and it will hear your voice.

So your biggest problem for OK Google Not working when a phone is locked is solved, once you follow above-mentioned steps.

OK Google not responding to my voice

It meets precisely with US English, so if your first language is not English, you might face an issue with ok Google commands. If ‘Ok Google’ is not working properly, then there may be some problem in the Language of the device.

As a solution, you have to check up the language settings and choose appropriate language. Choose that language that can be easily recognised by the Ok Google.

To get rid of the problem, just follow the following steps correctly and Ok Google may be working well.

  • Go to the settings of Google. For that, open the home page of “Google search.”

Ok Google Not Working

  • Then, go to the “Languages” by going into the “Voice.”

OK Google 4

  • Here, the list of languages will be opened. Choose English (US) as a language among them.

From there, you can select up to 5 languages that OK Google will recognise as a search request.

Is ok Google listening to your voice command?

If the microphone of your device may not working well, it means Ok Google can not correctly recognise the voice. If Ok Google does not recognise the voice as a command, that means your desired search is going to be incomplete. So, checking the microphone of the device and then try once again the wonderful feature of “Ok Google.”

OK Google not listening

“Ok Google” also not working if there is many of apps are run continuously in the background. Because, those apps may make the noise, which interfering to the microphone. So, first of all, close the unwanted apps running in the background.

Turn off unnecessary services of accessibility

Another thing that you should do is to disable the undesired services of Accessibility. To do so, just follow the steps described below here.

  • Go to the Accessibility by going into the Settings.

OK Google 3

  • Then, disable all the services like TalkBack, Switch Access, etc.

Update Google app

If there is an older version of Google App on your device, the probability of ok google not working is high. To get rid of this problem, just download the latest and updated version of Google App. You can easily find the most recent version of Google App on Google Play Store.

Here, we are going to be completed this article which is related to the how to fix ok google not working. In the article, we have discussed some solution of the problem. In which, we have listed around four solutions, by which you can easily solve the problem of Ok Google. We also hope that this discussion may be very helpful to you to get Ok Google working very well.

Disable S Voice

Samsung smartphones like S4 nad S6 edge phones has S Voice feature. According to our research from some forums, S Voice feature is not always compatible with them. If you have Samsung S Voice installed and using Google now, it is always recommended that you should disable S voice from your device.

Okay Google still not working? Let us know

Have you tried all those steps? Still, ok google is not working? Feel free to share your problem in the comment section below. We would try to find out possible

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  1. THanks for the article. Following all steps, i cannot wake my Huawei Mate 8 when the screen is off. Huawei’s Ok Emy worked, which I turned off. Still no luck.
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