How to Disable S Voice in Samsung Galaxy S4

How to turn off voice control in Samsung Galaxy S4
How to turn off voice control in Samsung Galaxy S4

Want to turn off voice control ? Want to how to turn voice control off on your smartphone? Use below method to turn voice control off on your Samsung galaxy smartphone.

We all know that Samsung galaxy S4 has S voice feature that is unique mobile personal assistant, providing you with voice control for many of the functions on your GALAXY device.But sometimes your smartphone stuck with that and when you press home key, it would launch S Voice on your smartphone.

Recently one of our user of theandroidportal has asked,”How can I turn s voice off completely it’s so annoying. I’ll be in the middle of something & if it connects to wifi or a text comes in etc.. The stupid thing launches and says “ask Galaxy” . Here is the simple answer to that question.

How to Completely turn off voice control

How to Disable S Voice shortcut for faster home button response

By default, when you double-tap the home key, you’ll launch straight into S Voice. You can disable the S Voice shortcut combo. To do this, load S Voice, then press go to “Settings” by pressing option button. Now you will see  few options. There will be “Open via the home key.” Uncheck that option and you have done. With the shortcut combo disabled, the home button should respond immediately as opposed to with a very slight delay.

This little trick also applies to any other Samsung Galaxy smartphones that is running S Voice feature, such as the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S5, and the Galaxy Note 2.

Here we have listed how to turn off voice control on your samsung smartphones, do let us know in the comment if you still facing any issue with this method.

Last Updated On: May 30, 2016

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