As a smartphone user, we are always about to taking care of the display as much as possible. As the display is an essential element, we are never compromising on it. Although it, sometimes, due to the bad luck, the display may get damaged. Damage to the display includes breakage, dead pixel, unresponsive screen, stuck pixel, or more. If the breakage occurs, you must change the display. But, what if there is a dead pixel on it? Is there anything to do with the dead pixel? Sure. But, to know it, this quick guide on How to Fix Dead Pixels on Android will help you.

Fixing Dead Pixels on Android

Here, you will get a quick guide for easy fixing of the Dead Pixels on Android devices. But, before that, here is something for you to get to know what is pixel and a dead pixel. Also, we will cover that how the dead pixel takes place on the display.

What is Pixel?

In a digital language, the Pixel is a smallest addressable and controllable element of a picture you see on display. By adding many of the pixels, a picture will generate on the display. If you see a picture, that means, ultimately you are looking at the number of pixels. Also, a pixel contains mainly three colors which are known as RGB(Red, Green, Red.)

In short, a pixel is a very vital element for the picture.

What is Dead Pixel and How it takes place?

We have discussed that a pixel contains RGB color contents. If the RGB contents get off completely, then you can see the black spot on the picture. That black spot is nothing but the Dead Pixel. In short, if in the picture, the sub-pixels of (RGB) of the pixels turn off, it becomes dead.

Like dead pixel, there is also one similar word, Stuck pixel. Often, many users confuse with this both. However, both this is different than each other. We already know that what is a dead pixel. But, in the stuck pixel, not all the sub-pixels get off, unlike dead pixel. One or Two sub-pixels stop to work, rests are not, which is termed as a stuck pixel. So, we can say that the Stuck pixel is a part of the Dead pixel. Generally, the dead pixels are mostly stuck pixels. In a rare case, you can find the dead pixel in which all three sub-pixels get off.

Generally, the pixel becomes dead due to the transistor which is carrying the current for the pixels. You can also say that it is manufacturer fault. The manufacturer is not able to check every pixel as there are many screens are made at a time. So, if you suffer from the same and want to fix without any risk, then go to the service center.

How to Fix Dead Pixels on Android

Here, to troubleshoot the stuck pixel in terms of a dead pixel, we will mention four methods.How to Fix Dead Pixels on Android -

Testing the pixel on the JScreenFix Website

The JScreenFix Website provides one of the greatest tools to fix the stuck pixel on the screen. This trick will also be applicable for PC Monitor, Laptop screen, and for Smartphones. It is claimed that this website solves 60% issue. So, with the success ratio of 60%, there is nothing wrong to go with this method.

So, let us start with the procedure.

  • First of all, open the JScreenFix Website on your mobile through any reliable browser. Before that make sure the data connection is enabled on the device.
  • Here, wait till you get the interface of the website.

Dead Pixel 2

  • Then, just scroll down the display slightly, and you will see Launch JScreen Fix option. Tap on it.
  • With the tap on it, you will have a square box which is a tool.
  • Now, just drag it towards the stuck pixel you have noticed on the display.

Wait till 20 minutes. Sometimes, in the first trick, it may not work. If the process gets failed, then do not worry. You can try it again to fix the display issue.

Using the DPDF App

The DPDF is the short form of Dead Pixel Detect And Fix app. This app also helps you to solve the dead pixel issue. This app has the ability to restore the pixel by using a series of six flashing screens. You can do the same for six different colors.

To use the app, you have to download it from the Google Play Store. Just go to the Play Store, search the PDF, and you will have results. Go with the app which has title Dead Pixel Detect And Fix. Download and install it on the smartphone.

  • After installing the DPDF app, open it.
  • On the main display, you will have four options, Colors, Fix it, Settings, and About.

Dead Pixel 3

  • Here, to choose the color, you know where to go. Tap on the Colors, and choose one.
  • Then, tap on the Fix it button, and it will start to flash with six colors. For the human eye comfort, keep your eyes far away from the display when it is flashing.

Dead Pixel 1

  • Wait till the completion of the process.

You can repeat the same process for remaining colors also. The screen flashing comes with default time setting of 30 minutes. To change it to a short time, you can go with the 10 minutes through Settings.

Applying a Pressure on the dead Pixel

The pressure method to fix the pixel issue is not a reliable trick as it does not work almost. Although, for many users, this trick has done its work. That’s why here we will mention it.

In which, nothing to do much, just slightly apply pressure on the black spot on the screen. The pressure intensity is must be less. To apply the pressure do not use other tools or weapons. By using the finger, you can do it safely. Do it for some time, see if the issue is resolved or not.

You can check out this video below, published by techfrost on YouTube that explain fixing dead pixel on the smartphone.

Visit Nearby Service Center

Even after applying all the tricks, if the issue is still there, then the ultimate solution is the service center. If your device is under warranty, then without being late, go to the service center. A service center is a trustable place, where you can get satisfied answer.

So, using these four process, you might have answers to How to Fix Dead Pixels on Android. All these processes are reliable to apply and perform.

Does not you seem these methods helpful? Well, do let us know if these tricks work for you. Also, comment your views on it.

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