Want to enable VOLTE on a OnePlus phone? But don’t know how to enable it? Don’t worry, in this guide, you will get all the information about that.

Enabling VOLTE on other devices is a simple process. Still, on OnePlus phones, it takes a few extra steps to complete. So, today in our article, we are going to discuss how to enable VOLTE on OnePlus devices in the easiest way possible.

The VOLTE feature has been added to our devices for the last few years. This feature not only enhances the sound quality of your device but also gives the smooth experience of listening to others on the call. It is also known as Voice Over LTE. This means with this feature, you can get a crisp, clear voice rather than the messy and disturbing voice.

In Today’s Era, every manufacturer and device supports the VOLTE feature the same as OnePlus phones. So, to enable the VOLTE feature on your OnePlus device, here are the steps below that you need to follow.

Guide To Enable VOLTE On OnePlus Devices

How To Enable VOLTE on OnePlus Devices.

It’s super easy to enable VOLTE on OnePlus devices because almost all OnePlus phones are compatible with this feature and have similar steps. However, the network carrier plays an essential role in enabling the VOLTE feature.

So, if the below steps don’t work with your device, then it means that you need to check the carrier of your device. Here are the steps to enable VOLTE on the OnePlus device.

  • First of all, you need to open the “Settings Menu” from the apps drawer.
  • Next, get into the settings list, and click on “Wi-Fi and Network.”
  • Then click on “SIM and Network.”
  • Now, In the SIM and Network menu, you will see the “Enhanced Communication” option, just click or tap to get into it.
  • Next, under this option, you need to toggle the “VOLTE” switch from grey to blue to enable it.

Once this setting is enabled, you will notice much improvement in call quality.

Wrap Up

So, those are the quick steps to enable VOLTE on OnePlus devices. This setting not only helps in listening with a clear voice but also you sound better than before.

Thanks for your valuable time. We hope you get better sound-quality calls with this setting. For more articles like that, do follow us and ping us on our website, The Android Portal.

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