If you are suffering from any disease, then it is important to take all the medication time-to-time for a speedy recovery. If you fail to do so somehow, it leaves a major impact on your health. Also with it, the chances of recovery also get reduced. It majorly happens with the old-age person who may have a disease of forgetting everything. So to make them aware of remembering to take the regular pills, what should be the option? Well, one of the best options is Pill Reminder App. So, to make you more aware, here is the discussion on Best Pill Reminder Apps for Android.

Best Pill Reminder Apps for Android

This guide will focus on Best Pill Reminder Apps for Android devices. In which, you will have Best apps. The apps you will visit here are readily available at the Google Play Store for all the users. Any user can freely download it as they are free. All these apps are highly compatible with all of your smartphone devices which are powered by Android OS.

Best Pill Reminder Apps for Android

Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker

This is a must-have app for all the old-age person. As the old-age person may suffer from the less mind power, they might forget to take medicine regularly.

So, to make them remind for a pill, the Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker will help a lot. To go ahead with the app, you need to register yourself by signing off. As you open the app by doing so, on the first screen, you should see the calendar. It is to add the day and date wise pill reminder. To add the medicine, tap on the circle which has + inside itself at the lower right corner.

Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker

As soon as you touch on it, it shows you three options Add Medication, Add Measurement, and Add Dose. Now, Add Medicine section will ask you to add the name of the pill or the brand name of the tablet. Right after it, it asks to choose the reminder times. It has various options that will never let you forget about taking medication. You can also set the schedule, name of doctor, shape, and color of pill, and more.

Under the Select Measurements option, you can select various health-related measurements. It includes categories of cholesterol, Fitness, Glucose, HIV, Imaging, Lab, and more. After setting the schedule, you can also edit or delete it. You can also reschedule it. You can also have options to share the schedule of the medication.

Features of Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker

  • A must-have app for all the old-age person
  • Calendar along with date and day to add the reminder
  • Add reminder using Add Medication, Add Measurement, and Add Dose options
  • Add everything including brand name, reminder time, shape-color of a pill, doctor name, and more
  • Select various health-related measurements like cholesterol, Fitness, Glucose, HIV, Imaging, Lab, and more
  • Share the medication schedule
Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder
Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder

MedList Pro

The MedList Pro is another app that always reminds you of medication. This medication app comes with a simple UI, but it does the tremendous work. With this app, you do not need to ask about medication every time to the doctor. Just add the prescription given by him to the app.

With this app, you can add a database of multiple patients at a time. Even, it lets you add the photo of the patient and medication too. There is no need to create an account to use the app. You can use it efficiently without doing so.

MedList Pro

Tap on Add A New Medication option to add the reminder. It will ask you to choose the pill name, brand name, a dose in the unit, the time of taking a pill, and more.

As you add all this, it will let you set the reminder for the same. You can also add your own prescription to the app. To share the app, it also offers various sharing option. You can also manage the password to do not let anyone knows about your prescription. The print option lets you take the print out of the medication data.

Features of MedList Pro

  • Always reminds you of Medication
  • Simple UI but does the Well Work
  • Add the Prescription given by the Doctor
  • Add the database of Multiple Patients at a time
  • Photo adding of the Patient and Medication
  • Works without creating Account
  • Add everything related to the medication like a pill name, brand, a dose in unit, time, and more
  • Set the reminder to take the Medication regularly
  • Easy sharing option
  • Manage privacy using the Password

Medication Alarm

If you have a problem regarding the remembrance of medication, what if you have an alarm to make you remember? Its quite helpful mostly for the old-age person. This is what this Medication Alarm app does. It makes you remember to take the medication by the alarm.

For the maximum utilization, the app supports two languages, English, and Arabic. To share this app using multiple social platforms, go to the settings and tap on the blue circle at the lower center.

Medication Alarm

On the main interface of the app, you can see two options as Active Alarms, and Finished Alarms. To add the new one, tap on the + sign at the center lower.

You will have to add some info regarding the medication to set the reminder. It asks about medication name, patient name, dose, date, time, and more. This app contains ad in-between. Also of that, you can change the alarm settings. You can find the set alarm using the search bar by searching the medication name.

Features of Medication Alarm

  • Helpful App for the old-age person
  • Do not need to remember the medication timing with this Medication Alarm
  • Alarm makes you remember to take the Medication
  • Supports two languages, English, and Arabic
  • Multiple Social Platforms to share this app
  • Two options Active Alarms and Finished Alarms
  • Add medication Name, Patient name, Dose, Date, Time, and more info
  • Easy Customization of the Alarm Settings
  • Search bar to find out the Alarm
Medication Alarm
Medication Alarm
Developer: WMM
Price: Free

Lady Pill Reminder

With the Lady Pill Reminder app, you will not forget to take medication more. It does its job correctly by keeping the track over pills. With this app, just set the reminder, and it will notify at the time of taking a pill.

As on you open the app, you will have a message as “this app is currently inactive, to make it active, go to the settings.” So follow the instruction, and make it active. To do so, just click on the checkbox.

Lady Pill Reminder

In addition to that, you can also change the reminder time and date. To notify you regarding the medication, it just shows you a notification. To let you know, you can set the notification tone. Also, it takes care of when the packet of pills gets completed.

Through which, it makes you remember to buy the new one. This app offers easy customization of the app by letting you change the theme. You can also edit the pre-settings of the notification.

Features of Lady Pill Reminder

  • Do not let you forget to take Medication more
  • Set the Reminder to reminds you regarding the Medication
  • Notify you with the simple notification
  • Change the reminder Time and Date
  • Easy Customization of the app by changing the Theme
  • Edit the Pre-settings of the Notification
Lady Pill Reminder
Lady Pill Reminder
Developer: Baviux
Price: Free

Medicine time

The Medicine time is another useful app which helps you to remind to take pills. Along with the simple UI, it works apparently fabulous. Likewise, all other apps, this app also lets you set the reminder. On the main display, you can see + sign inside the white circle.

Tap on it to explore some useful options like New Reminder, New Patient, and New Event. As the name suggests, New Reminder option lets you set the new reminder. It requires to add some info like a name of medicine, dose, stock, time, time interval, and more.

Medicine time

You can also add the several patients using the New Patient. It lets you add the picture of the patient. Along with the remembrance of the pills, it also does not let you forget the appointment with New Event option.

It will notify you if you have fixed appointment with the Doctor. This app is not an ad-free app. To make it so, there is an option of an in-app purchase. It also keeps all the records under the History option.

Features of Medicine time

  • Works fabulously with Simple UI
  • Set the Reminder to remember to take the Pills
  • Use New Reminder, New Patient, and New Event options to add relevant data
  • Set the New Reminder using info of Medicine, Dose, Stock, Time, Time Interval, and more
  • Add the several Patient’s names along with the Image
  • New Event lets you set the Appointment
  • Keeps all the records as a History
Medicine time!
Medicine time!
Price: Free

So, how was your experience with Best Pill Reminder Apps for Android guide? Will these apps make way for you remembering to take pills?

Do let us know your view and experience with the discussion by commenting below.

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