Samsung is one of the largest companies in the world. They provide a lot of smartphones to the world’s population. The Samsung phone comes to market with a highly technological system and is very protective too. Their Galaxy series is evidence of the revolution of the Technological Era.

Although, the most common problem that you face with an older smartphone is the black screen problem. It seems like a hanging system. This same problem also happens with its most efficient devices like Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note, and more. So, to get rid of them, here we will discuss how to fix the Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Screen issue.

You have also faced this situation when you use your smartphone and see a black screen. The black screen is mostly unresponsive. Because of several factors, this is occurring relating to the software of the device. However, there are instances when the hardware is involved. But one incredibly shocking thing is that the Galaxy S4 is not immune to the black screen problem either. There have been many reports of black screen issues happening on the device.

So, to solve this Galaxy S4 Black Screen issue, you just need a visit to this discussion. We are sure that you will get rid of this issue by using it.

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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Screen Issue?

If you have ever gone through a black screen issue on your Samsung Galaxy device, you might feel it annoying. The issue can be one of the following or both where your smartphones stop responding to the touch input.

Sometimes, it can not accept touch input. Also, in some cases, the device will switch to a black or blank screen. At that time, your device is on, but you will be unable to see a thing on the screen.

The Galaxy S4 Black screen will stop and refuse to take touch input. Only physical keys like volume and power keys are about to be.

Because of only, you can hear the background sounds of Android, and you can check the status of your phone. The Black Screen problem has many symptoms and tiny variations. But if the main symptoms match, you are being affected by the screen unresponsive or Black screen issue.

So, to get an answer to this issue, here we will be discussing a sharper fix. It will help you a lot to fix such screen issues.

By Removing the Battery outside from the Galaxy S4:

  • Switch off your Galaxy s4 and wait till the black screen appears.
  • Remove the battery outside from the mobile.
  • Continuously hold the power key for about 2 minutes.
  • Leave the phone for 5-6 minutes. After that, insert the battery & switch on the phone.
  • And you may see the black screen might be fixed.

If still, you are still facing the problem even after following the above steps, then go ahead with the next trick.

By Providing the Heat to the Device Using the Blower:

  • Turn Off the Samsung Galaxy S4 device, take out SIM, and remove your battery and SD card from it.
  • Then, get a screwdriver as per the size of your device’s screws. Open all the screws of the mobile carefully. And put it in a safe place. You might damage your device if you don’t follow the steps without care.
  • When all screws are done lifting, you can see the back case up.
  • Now, carefully remove the strips that are attached to the board. Remove all the strips with tremendous care because sometimes Negligence will result in bad.
  • After removing all strips, then take the board and place it on the clean surface.
  • Get a blower to give heat to the board.
  • Then place the board back, attach all the strips, and place the back case back as before.
  • Switch on your device. Now, check that the black screen issue is solved.

So, above mentioned, both processes would surely help you to fix the Galaxy S4 Black Screen issue.

If your device has any problem and you don’t find it fixed anywhere, feel free to share your problem with us in the comments. We will try to fix your problem in our upcoming articles and videos.

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