Looking for a Firestick vs. Roku stick vs. Chromecast comparison? The Fire Stick, Roku Stick, and Google Chromecast are all versatile and reasonably priced. However, the question is, which one works better? Here is a quick comparison and overview to help you choose the best from these.

If you love to watch or stream videos to your HDTV, you must be familiar with dongle or stick which were quite a cool thing from the past few years. Well, now, only one more functionality we accept from our TV, and that is to watch binge sessions. Amazon, Roku and Google have been facing off for domination in the stick/ dongle market.

Which one of these products (Firestick vs. Roku stick vs. Chromecast) is better to have?

Firestick vs Roku stick vs Chromecast

To know the unbiased answer, you will have to read this post till the end. Here, in this article, we will discuss every aspect of all these three devices, including features, design, price, content, and other things to give you a more clear idea of which of these three (Firestick vs. Roku stick vs. Chromecast) devices work well.

So, without getting into the jargon, let’s just start exploring the comparison facts.

Firestick vs. Roku stick vs. Chromecast Unbiased Comparison

Comparing Design Aspect Of The Devices

All three sticks (Firestick vs. Roku stick vs. Chromecast) are designed especially for HDTVs. However, the Roku Stick and the Amazon Stick have some similarities. In other words, the design of both the sticks is similar, i.e. rectangular.

You can directly plug both these dongles into the HDMI port of your television. All you need to have is a wall adapter to get your firesticks to function properly. Both the Roku and Fire sticks come with remote control functions.

On the other hand, Chromecast not only comes with unique colors but also attaches via a flexible HDMI wire by default. The device has a circular shape, and that’s very attractive for some users. One of the amazing things about Google Chromecast is that you probably won’t see your device as it is hidden behind your TV.

So, in the first point winner is Chromecast because some users accept Chromecast as a better choice for them, thanks to its design and some cool features. Also, it is because of its compatibility and the variety of HDMI ports.

Performance Aspect Of The Devices (Firestick vs. Roku stick vs. Chromecast)

The Chromecast interface is as good as our smartphones or laptops’ interface. The best thing is that you are at least familiar with it since you already use Google-powered Android smartphones before you ever plug it into your TV. It is super easy to use Google Chromecast DEVICE. You simply download and install all the basic SmartTV apps, and then press one single cast button of it to cast content to your HDTV.

On the other hand, The Roku stick takes some time for the setup part because it lets you customize your home screen and other things before starting casting. You can organize all your favorite channels and set them up into neat rows and columns. There’s very little between you and what you want to watch, aside from some extra menu items and some frustrating ads for other channels.

Next, talking about the Fire TV, also allows you to customize the interface, but one of the most disgusting things with this Fire TV is that you cannot watch your favorite movies or TV shows, you have to watch those TV and movie shows that Amazon recommends you. Next, you will have to skip through a few obtrusive menus to get there.

Content Aspect Of The Devices

First of all, please note that It’s not easy to watch Amazon Prime Videos on Chromecast. Well, it is a heartbreaker for most users, but we have one solution to this problem that works in most cases and scenarios.

First, you have to bring up your Amazon account into your phone using Chrome. Next, you have to use the Google Cast extension, and you are all set to cast Amazon Prime Videos to your HDTV. After that, you can easily play your account on the TV.

Next, Chromecast’s game selection isn’t so cool, but the dongle has one big advantage over its competitors. You can easily cast or mirror content or even websites via Chrome from any device, including your computer.

Furthermore, the Fire Stick and the Roku Stick both have all major content sources. The only difference between the two is that Fire Stick has a pretty decent collection of games. You have already seen many of those games on your Android or iOS phones.

Price Aspect Of The Devices

Price remains the most influencing factor, no matter what you buy. One more thing that plays an important role in making a decision is your mindset. This is a one-time investment that could go anywhere between $35 to $60. So, it depends on your choice.

If you are happy to cast the device with your phone and don’t want to use remote and scrolling pages and don’t need Amazon Prime, then Chromecast is for you. However, if you want some extra functions, the Roku stick and the Firestick, with all their pros and cons, are for you. The decision is dependent on you and your mindset about what you need.

Search Options | Firestick vs. Roku stick vs. Chromecast

Roku has the best search engine among all three devices because it gives you hundreds of services and also brings you not only to the exact show, movie, or actor you are looking for but also gives you the best price as well.

On the other hand, Chromecast and Amazon both have similar searches. Both these devices will provide you with access to only limited app options. The Chromecast search option is a little wonkier as it sometimes fails to find content on Hulu.

Remote control

Chromecast relies on your phone or computer; it lacks the traditional remote control functions. Well, this isn’t a problem because controlling things with your phone or computer is pretty simple for every SmartTv user.

On the other hand, the Fire TV remote comes up with some amazing functions like a standard array of media buttons, as well as the voice search engine. The Roku stick remote is more advanced than the Firestick remote. When you first set up the system, the remote will automatically sync with your TV to control the volume and power button.

Setup Difficulty

Each of the three devices is easy to set up. All you need is Roku, Google, or Amazon account and Wi-Fi networks.

Chromecast has the easiest setup among all three. The device depends on your smartphone or computer. You just need to get the Chromecast connected to your network, and you will be able to do all the actions with your smartphone on your TV.

The Roku Stick and the Firestick both have traditional setups. You need to sign in to the respective account, and then the device will sync your existing accounts. For the Roku setup, you need to enter your username and password through a smartphone or computer.


So, that’s all about Firestick vs. Chromecast vs Roku stick. All three have their pros and cons. You need to select which one is best for you. We hope we have exposed all the necessary facts in the post, which will help you in making a better decision.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, it has well explained every fact related to Firestick vs. Roku stick vs. Chromecast. Thanks for reading this post here at TheAndroidPortaL. Also, for more posts and updates, do follow us and stay tuned with us.

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