Finding inner peace how to create your own meditation app
Finding peace is one of the best ways to live a life that has been fulfilled. According to some of the reports, it is proven that some ways can help people through crises. One of those ways is meditation. So, in this blog, we are going to tell you how to create a meditation app.

Businesses all over the world don’t let any type of business opportunity slip from their hands. The same is the case with a meditation app. According to the statistics, the meditation app market is expected to rise by 13.6 per cent by the end of 2027. In other words, the app will hold a market of almost USD 7 billion. Seeing this as a success, many people are building a meditation app. We think that you should learn how to make a meditation app too. 

What Users Are Looking for In a Perfect Meditation App

It is important to understand the needs of a user before starting meditation app development. If you do it the right way, it will be fruitful for both users and the business. Here is our take on what are the best practices you can follow while starting meditation mobile app development. 

Personal UI

Meditation is one of those fields where personal experience matters. Users will always expect that you are meeting their needs and requirements. You should be able to provide a user with a tailor-made experience. For example, your app should contain information that is related to that specific user. It can be meditation goals, tracking, favourite sessions, and their experience. 

Another point that you can add is the custom chatbot. The bot will help the user in getting information, save sessions, and review the sessions.


Every user out there has different routines, time zones, session needs, and preferences. That is where notifications come in. The app should be able to remind the user that a new session is upcoming or he hasn’t followed the routine. Moreover, the app should provide details on goals. Apart from that, your app should allow a user to set custom notifications about their sessions and practices. 

OS Compatibility

Not only the mobile app but your custom meditation app should also be compatible with various operating systems like Windows, Web, watch, and more. This will allow users to track their activities better even if they forget their phone at home. 

There are chances that you need to learn how to create multiple apps for each operating system. Yes, it is daunting, but it will allow more market grasp and will make the app easy to use. 

eCommerce Capability

Wouldn’t it be cool if your app allowed a user to buy meditation mats, attire, and supplements directly from the app? Yes, it is a good feature and will attract many users. With this, they won’t have to go to another website to buy the products. Just an API integration and you are good to go. 

Content Availability

Your app shouldn’t be a blunt app that only provides tracking and session reports. See, new users need information on how to meditate. For that, there is a need for content. For example, some users like resetting their inner chakra using sound bowls. However, they don’t know how to do that. The app should contain information on that. There should be articles, reports, videos, movements, and songs. 

Apart from that, make sure that the content is available offline. Not many people have access to the internet. So, it will help them if they are out in the open. 

What Features Do Top Meditation Apps Have?

Apps like Headspace have defined the standards of a perfect app. Now, users compare the features of the new app with Headspace. So, it is confirmed that they will weigh the features of your app. Here is a list of essential features your app should have.

Login option

The first feature is the login option. The login option will allow users to access their regime, helping them track information and see sessions, all in private. It is important to pay attention to detail. Make sure you are adding it. 

Using social accounts like Facebook and Instagram to log in will add more points. With that, users don’t have to fill in the details. A simple button and everything is done. 

Search Bar

Nowadays days AI learning is the new norm. The bots will learn the user experiences and will provide tailor-made sessions to the users. However, for the first time, users need to search for the bot to learn. A clean search bar will do the work. 

In-App Payments

If you are integrating the e-commerce store, you will need to add an API for in-app payments. The feature will direct the users to a secure platform where they can pay with their credit cards. 

If you want to create your meditation app, make sure these features are readily available on the app. There is no limit to the features. Add the features that you think should be present in the app. 

How To Create A Meditation App

Here are the details on how you can start meditation app development. We have kept it precise so you don’t lose track. 

A Business Idea

Before starting the development, you need to work on what type of app you should make. Typically, you can make a community app, a guided app, or a mindfulness app. 

Think about what you can offer. Work on how to solve the existing problems users are facing. Do market research and work on the features. How will you advertise it? What type of users will you target? Like this, generate a blueprint of the app. 

Bringing the Idea To Reality

The next step is gathering the tools needed to change the idea into an app. For that, you will need

  • Team Of Developers
  • Tech Stack

To find developers, you can use methods like outsourcing, outstaffing, in-house hiring, or freelancing. Regardless of what you use, ensure that the developer (Or Team of Developers) is capable enough to make an outstanding app. 

Tech Stack is what you will need to create the meditation app. For example, flutter is used to create the UX/UI. JavaScript will be for Back-End. For the server side, MongoDB is an option. Apart from that, the tech stack also includes the infrastructure and hardware. 

Prototype and Full Fledge App

Gather all the tools and develop a prototype of the app. Launch that prototype to a set of users and ask them to review it. After the suggestions, integrate the recommendations and develop a completely unlocked app. 


Market and Advertising are an important part of this whole business. This will convert potential leads into proper customers. So, make sure you are pitching it the right way. Use social media to spread awareness. Go to yoga sessions and provide details on what you are offering. Show what difference you are making.

The reason we compiled a guide on how to create a meditation app is that this niche is gaining attention and has market potential. To succeed in this race, everything should be in place. This guide tells you what needs to be in place.

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