Looking for the best Spanish Learning Apps for Android device and has not got any idea to choose the best? Well, to help you in that case, here we are presenting the related guide. This guide is purely based on the Spanish Learning Apps for Android. There are many Spanish Learning apps are already available. And, when it is many, then there is a lot of confusion. So, to provide you the best and picked Spanish Learning app, this guide will help you.

Spanish Learning Apps for Android

In this guide, we will discuss Best Spanish Learning Apps for Android mobiles. In which, we have listed 5 best apps that help you to learn Spanish. All these apps are readily available at the Play Store. Every Android user can freely download from the store. Every app comes with high compatibility with all the Android OS devices.

Best Spanish Learning Apps for Android

So, let us go through the guide and find the Best Spanish Learning Apps for Android.

Travel Phrasebook

The Travel Phrasebook is one of the useful Android apps to learn Spanish. From the main screen of the app, choose the Spanish language to know more and learn more about it. As you tap on the Spanish language, it will ask you to download the data course. The size of the data course is around 20 MB.

After downloading the course, it will open. To learn each and every necessary word in Spanish, this app helps a lot. You can switch to other languages as it supports multiple languages. You can learn French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and many more.

Travel Phrasebook

This app offers many categories to learn from. It contains Common, Emergency, Romance, Greetings, Numbers, Places, Driving, Eating, Shopping, Weather, Directions, and more categories. According to the need, you can go to any category. You will get category wise words and phrase to learn.

To get to know the proper speaking out of the phrase, just tap on it. The native speaker will speak every word. You can also share any phrase using various sharing option. If any word comes in use frequently, then you can also add it in favorites.

Features of Travel Phrasebook App

  • Set the best stage to learn the Spanish language
  • Learn each and every necessary Spanish word
  • Common, Emergency, Romance, Greetings, Numbers, Places, Shopping, and more categories
  • Get category wise words and phrase to learn quickly
  • The native speaker will help to know the proper pronunciation of the phrase
  • Share option to make it familiar with other users
  • Learn French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and more languages
  • Easy switching between the languages
  • Add the phrase to the Favorites

Learn Spanish Speak Spanish

The Learn Spanish Speak Spanish is one of the best apps which let you learn Spanish with less effort. As you open the app, the Spanish language is set by default. And, now to start the learning, tap on the Start tutorial option.

The best part of this app is that you can learn the language according to the level. For that, it offers three levels, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. You will get the content based on which level you have selected.

Learn Spanish Speak Spanish

Also of that, you will have multiple categories to learn Spanish. Each of them offers content in terms of necessary conversation, words, sentences, and more. These categories are not free to use. So, to use them, you have to make an in-app purchase.

By doing so, you can have Family, Romance, Countries and Language, Travel, Sports, School, and more. The basic knowledge including lessons and quiz will be free to use.

Alongside Spanish, you can also learn other languages like French, Hindi, German, Russian, English, Arabic, Chinese, and more. To improve your skills for the Spanish language, the app offers lessons. You can also check the progress you have achieved through the app.

Features of Learn Spanish Speak Spanish App

  • Learn Spanish with less effort
  • Learn Spanish based on your level – choose from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Get the best knowledge on what you select
  • Multiple categories to learn Spanish
  • Offers necessary conversation, words, sentences, and more
  • Paid categories like Family, Romance, Countries, Language, Travel, Sports, School, and more.
  • Complete the Lessons and Quiz for continuous improvement
  • Learn other languages like French, German, Russian, English, Arabic, and more
  • Progress Checker
Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish
Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish

Babbel – Learn Spanish

The Babbel app has the coolest UI you have ever seen in any app. Likewise, other apps which offer level to select, the Babbel also does the same. It offers two level to choose from, Beginner and Advanced.

With this app, learning Spanish is fun. It mainly focuses on basic conversation rather than any complicated things. And that’s why you will get the more practical conversation to solve the quiz type questions. On the basic level, it shows the English word, and you have to answer its Spanish form. As you go ahead, you will get to learn more words and phrases.

Babbel – Learn Spanish

Also, similar to all the language learning apps, the native speaker speaks the word. Every lesson will provide the best knowledge without taking so much time. The lesson will mostly cover up all the categories. An App manager keeps Spanish vocabulary for a long time. With this app, you can not learn any language other than Spanish.

Features of  Babbel App

  • Coolest UI
  • Choose the level to learn – Beginner and Advanced
  • Basic conversation for the Beginner for proper knowledge
  • Focuses on the practical conversation to learn quickly
  • A massive collection of words, sentences, verbs, and phrases
  • The Native speaker to speaks the word
  • Cover up all the categories
  • Keeps Spanish vocabulary for further use
Babbel – Learn Spanish
Babbel – Learn Spanish
Developer: Babbel
Price: To be announced


With the help of the Memrise app, you can learn Spanish with a huge collection of words and phrase. To use the basic features of the app, you need to log-in using your FB ID or Google Account. Just choose the Spanish language.

Then, select your level of having knowledge of that particular language. The app offers two level to choose from, Beginner, and Skilled. By picking one level, go ahead and complete all the steps of log-in. This app will let you learn Spanish using pictures, text, sentences, and more.


Except for Spanish, you can also have chances to learn Japanese, English, Korean, Italian, Chinese, German, Russian, and more. You will have some games and quiz to play to improve the Speed Review, Listening Skills, Difficult Words, Classic Review, Grammarbot, etc.

The Native speaker will speak up every word to let you know the proper pronunciation. The Offline feature will continue to let you learn Spanish even without connectivity. Once you have confidence in Spanish, you can test yourself by chatbots.

Features of Memrise

  • A huge collection of words and phrase in Spanish
  • Learning will be better with the level of Spanish knowledge – choose a level from, Beginner, and Skilled
  • Pictures, Text, Sentences, and more provides the perfect way to learn
  • Learn Japanese, English, Korean, Italian, Chinese, German, Russian, and more languages
  • Improve the skills of learning Spanish playing games and quiz
  • Improve the Speed Review, Listening Skills, Reading Difficult Words, Classic Review, etc.
  • The native speaker will speak up every word
  • Offline learning to learn even without connectivity
Memrise: speak a new language
Memrise: speak a new language
Developer: Memrise
Price: Free

Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

To learn Spanish again with the fun and easy tasks, the Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe App will assist you. Till now, we have seen the apps offering maximum two or three level of knowledge. But, this app makes it more simplify when it comes to choosing a level. Surprisingly, this app will provide six level to choose from.

Based on the knowledge you have, choose the level and go ahead. For the immeasurable learning experience, this app will ask you to fill some of the info.

Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

This app will let you learn Spanish with a great way of playing the quiz. The native speaker will also help you by speaking out the word. As you answered the right, you will get points to go ahead. While playing it, if you get some important word, then you can also share it with the friends. If you are confused with such a word, then the tip and confused terms will help you to get rid of.

As you surpass the level, you can analyze yourself with the help of a report card. The pronunciation option lets you speak the word for many times to make it confirm. To have more fun learning Spanish, just make an in-app purchase.

Features of Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe App

  • Simplified the way of learning Spanish with six level to choose
  • Choose the best appropriate level to go ahead
  • Have an immeasurable learning experience
  • Play the quiz for quick learning
  • A Native Speaker for speaking out the word
  • Share Important word with the friends using share options
  • Tip and Confused Terms helps when you confuse with some words or phrase
  • Report card to analyze the self-learning
Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe
Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe
Developer: Edushire
Price: Free

With this helpful guide, what you think Spanish learning won’t be easy? Well, do let us know your views by commenting below.

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