Four years ago, Samsung stunned the smartphone world with the launch of the Galaxy S6. Its then-new flagship smartphone was the first the company had ever made with a metal and glass design. This premium piece of mobile hardware also sported a Quad HD screen which was one of the best displays on the market at the time.

Four years on, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is now available for a budget price, making it a very interesting smartphone even this year. What hasn’t changed is how vulnerable the device is, with its beautiful glass body just waiting to shatter if it is dropped. Protecting your Galaxy S6 screen should be a priority to stop any unwanted scratches or cracks from occurring.

The great news is, if you’re looking for a screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S6, you’re in luck. Plenty of manufacturers still sell protectors and the good news is they are all now very affordable. Typically available in multipacks for just a few dollars, protecting your smartphone has never been easier.

Best Screen Protector for Galaxy S6

Below are some of our recommendations for the best screen protectors you can buy for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

LK Tempered Glass

As the name suggests, the LK protectors are made from ultra-durable tempered glass. They are available in packs of three and won’t even cost you $10, making them a fantastic option for your Galaxy S6.

Each LK screen protector also comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind if the protector itself breaks.

Constructed from top-grade materials, the LK is crafted from ultra-strong 9H tempered glass with scratch resistance and shatterproof protection. Thanks to this durability, the protector will save your screen from nasty scratches or heavy drops.

Smartphones attract fingerprints, it’s just a fact. With the LK Tempered Glass protector, the oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating helps reduce those unwanted smudges. Each protector also has some wonderful attention to detail with laser cut opening for the selfie camera and home button.

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Supershieldz also offers tempered glass protection at a bargain price. Available on Amazon in 2 pack units for under $10, you get years of Samsung Galaxy S6 protection from a single pack of these excellent protectors.

A lifetime replacement warranty means you can rest assured you are covered should the protector break for some reason.

The Supershieldz matches the contours of the Galaxy S6 design perfectly thanks to its 2.5D rounded corners. Like the LK, this protector is constructed from 9H hardness glass, adding a truly durable layer onto your smartphone’s screen. However, the touch response of your handset will not be compromised as Supershieldz offer the original touch experience.

You also won’t see a reduction in the quality of the S6’s Quad HD display because the Supershieldz provides 99.99% HD clarity. Not only is oleophobic coating in action to stop fingerprints, hydrophobic treatment means sweat won’t affect the performance of the protector.

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anFilm Glass Screen

Another addition to the tempered glass screen protector crowd for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the anFilm Glass Screen. Like others, this offers massive durability and allows complete usage of the S6’s screen thanks to the latest tempered glass technology. Interestingly, the anFilm also has a trick up its sleeve.

Namely, the product also comes with a 1x PET Screen Protector for the rear of the device, meaning you can protect your whole smartphone from scratches. In terms of the tempered glass screen protector, it delivers 99.99% transparency to maintain the visual quality of the original screen. At just .33mm thick, the anFilm is fully compatible with the Galaxy S6’s touchscreen.

Despite being a thin film, the protector is rated 9H in hardness and gets familiar with technology such as an oleophobic coating. Included in the box are a plastic squeeze card and microfiber cleaning cloth to make installation more efficient.

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KATIN Protector

KATIN’s Galaxy S6 screen protector is comfortably the most affordable tempered glass solution on this list. Costing under $5 on Amazon for a pack of 2 protectors, this is a value for money way to maintain the screen on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Interestingly, KATIN hasn’t made compromises in terms of quality. The tempered glass cover is rated 9H hardness, so you can drop your Galaxy S6 and not worry about the screen scratching or cracking. As for the protector itself, it also scores scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint sticking through an oleophobic coating.

KATIN points out is screen protector is 1/8-inch smaller than the actual Samsung Galaxy S6. The company says this allows the protector to be fully compatible with any S6 case you buy for your smartphone. Elsewhere, 99.99% transparency ensures the screen experience on the Galaxy S6 remains the same even with the protector on.

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Voxkin Premium Quality

If you want a tempered glass screen protector that provides complete durability but is non-descript enough to be almost unnoticeable, the Voxkin skin is for you.

This sleek high-grade tempered glass protector offers superior shock absorption and will withstand bumps and scrapes while being thin enough to be virtually invisible.

At just 0.3mm, this skin is the thinnest here but delivers equal strength performance. Voxkin’s protector is rated 9H hardness to withstand drops and is a high-sensitivity glass to leave the Galaxy S6’s touch screen functionality intact. Bombproof features for the Voxkin Premium Quality include oleophobic coating and an easy-wipe cleaning that removes dirt.

The tempered glass screen by Voxkin is backed by lifetime replacement warranties and come in packs of multiple protectors for years of use.

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Spigen Crystal Screen Protector

This screen protector is manufactured from PET common material that includes two front and one back screen protector. It is provided to 3H Hardness quality and also provides a rainbow effect in screen protector.
There is nicely cutouts space for camera, sensors, earpiece & available in the affordable price range.

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Fosmon TOUCH Screen protector

This Fosmon TOUCH screen protector comes with 26mm thickness that uses an oleophobic coating. It is made up of Nano plating coating, a tempered glass material, oleophobic coating, and optical silicon adhesive.
This bubble-free screen protector comes with 12 months warranty when you purchase it. It’s crystal clear transparency and 9H hardness attracts anyone to buy this screen protector.

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ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen protector

ArmorSuit is famous rugged screen protection for smartphones being made in the USA. Edges of the screen protector are well designed that does not affect the back cover of your smartphone.

This galaxy S6 screen protector comes with amazing thin & made from military-grade material to protect the display of your mobile phone. Follow the link to buy this screen protector for your Samsung S6 mobile phone.

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SuperGuardZ Screen protector

This is another popular screen protector manufacturing brand that allows 99% transparency for HD clarity and protection from minor scratches.

Lifetime replacement warranty makes it outstanding when we compare the screen protector with other available tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy S6 device.

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JETech 3-Pack Screen Protector

This is another tempered screen protector brand from where you can buy an affordable tempered glass screen protector for your Samsung mobile phones. It also includes a lifetime warranty.

If you want to buy this precision-cut edge of the glass make it stand the best in the long list of the best screen protectors for Samsung S6.

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Despite being four years old, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is still well-supported by manufacturers crafting high-quality screen protectors. Each of the protectors in our list allows you to protect your smartphone screen and not compromise on functionality.

More importantly, all the products here fall into the “affordable” bracket. Let us know in the comments what you think of our list and which protector you will use on your Galaxy S6.