There is nothing beautiful than the garden you have inside your house. We know the garden contains a variety of flowers and trees. None can match the beauty of colorful flowers. But, it is the owner’s responsibility to take care of the garden as much as possible. The owner makes it accomplish by keeping a gardener. A gardener is generally a person who takes care of the garden. But, what if the Android App will do the job of gardener for you? So, here is that what you need to know about Best Gardening Apps.

Best Gardening Android Apps

Here, in the list of Best Gardening Apps, you will have Apps. All these apps are readily available at the Google Store for all the Android users. To use them, you do not need to pay even a single penny. Just go to the Store, download and install it.

All the below-listed apps are highly compatible with all the Android-powered smart devices. All of them are using the Data connection, so make sure about it.

Best Gardening Apps for Android -

So, let’s have a brief look at below.


This is the Gardening App which helps you a lot while maintaining the garden. This app comes with an attractive UI. With this app, you can easily arrange the garden which you have.

Also, you can learn how to grow vegetables. Even, this app has an option of multiple vegetables including categories of Alliums, Cole Crops, Fruit, Greens, Herbs, and more. Under those categories, you can find various vegetables. With the help of this Planter app, you can buy seeds of all the available vegetables.

Planter App

Also of that, it mentions the correct weather condition to plant the plants. You can also get other info as When to plant, Where to plant, How to plant, Care, Harvesting, and Storage. For the proper caretaking, you can set the schedule using the inbuilt calendar.

You can also add the vegetables manually in the app. To use the additional features of this app, you will have to make an in-app purchase. But, the Planter app is the best app for beginners and experienced as well.

Features of Planter App

  • Attractive UI
  • An Easy arrangement of the existing garden that you have
  • Learn how to grow vegetables with When to plant, Where to plant, How to plant, Care, Harvesting, and Storage options
  • Multiple categories including Alliums, Cole Crops, Fruit, Greens, Herbs, and more
  • More than 50 vegetables
  • Set the gardening schedule using the inbuilt calendar
  • Add the vegetables manually
  • Option to buy the seeds for all the vegetables
Planter - Garden Planner
Planter - Garden Planner
Developer: Planter
Price: Free

PlantNet Plant Identification

As the name mentions, this apps is perfect for the plant identification. It can recognize the plant from the images or photo. It can also state that which kind of plant is.

You can have many kinds of plants with this app. It also has a news feed to get to know more about the plants. You can also be a part of the app by just correctly identifying the plant. Also, you can have info on Useful Plants of various countries. It mentions the species of the plant.

PlantNet Plant Identification

Features of PlantNet Plant Identification App

  • Plant Identification from the image
  • Many plants
  • Newsfeed dedicated to the plant related info
  • Info of Useful Plants of various countries
  • Identify most of all the species of the particular plant
PlantNet Plant Identification
PlantNet Plant Identification
Developer: PlantNet
Price: Free


The Door Plants is an online shopping app using which you can purchase all the initially required plants needed for the garden. This app offers many of the plants including Flowering plants, Hanging plants, Outdoor plants, Indoor plants, and more.

Under this category, you can find varieties of plants. Every day, the new plants are added to the app for a wide range availability. With this app, you can also have the variety of vegetable and fruit plants. As you place the order, the plants will be in your hand in short time.


Along with the plants, you can also improve the gardening with the skilled team of this app. It lets you know how to plant and how to take care of it. It also delivers you the seeds, pots, and planters. You can also have gardening tools like Moss sticks, gardening scissors, spray bottles, and more.

All these tools are essential when you are about to maintenance. Also, you can get interesting deals and offers with this app. You can also earn some money by referring this app to your friends and family members. To place the order, you must log-in to the app.

Features of Door Plants App

  • Easy Purchase of all required plants
  • Various Categories including Flowering plants, Hanging plants, Outdoor plants, Indoor plants, and more
  • Wide range available for the plants
  • The variety of vegetable and fruit plants
  • Improve the gardening experience
  • Delivers the seeds, pots, and planters
  • Gardening tools like Moss sticks, gardening scissors, spray bottles, and more
  • Maintenance Team
  • Interesting deals and offers for purchasing the plants
  • Refer and Earn option

Garden Tags

The Garden Tags is an all-in-one app for all the gardeners. This app provides all the required info regarding the gardening. With this app, the identification of plants, development of a garden, and more is easy to get.

For the straight management of the garden, this is the best app. You can also take inspiration and advice from the vast community of the app. From every member of the community, you will get some precious advice to improve your gardening. The log-in is must to use the app.

Garden Tags

If you do not know the name of the plant, then just post the image of it on the app. Other gardeners will help you to recognize it. You can keep the record of your garden in the app. In this app, you will get info on more than 18K plants including various species.

Furthermore, you can also add the various tasks in the app for taking care of the plants. If you are a beginner and want to learn about gardening quickly, the use of this app will help you a lot. Because you will also get advice on which plants are best for your garden.

Features of Garden Tags App

  • All-in-one app for all the gardeners
  • Easy Identification of plants, development of a garden, and more
  • Take inspiration and advice from the vast community
  • Keep the record of your garden in the app
  • More than 18K plants including various species
  • Add the various tasks
  • Best for beginner to learn quickly

GKH Gardening Companion

The GKH Gardening Companion app will be the real companion for you while you are about to gardening. To go ahead in the app, you have to log-in. You can use this app as your personal assistant for the garden. You can add the reminder to take care of your garden. It will remind you of the desired time.

This app also provides helpful articles related to the plants. There are more than 1000 articles to let you know the perfect tips for the gardening. The article is published with the text and image for easy understanding. You can add as a favorite also.

GKH Gardening Companion

It also has an option of Journal to keep tracking the progress of the garden. With it, you can also compare the situation of the garden day-by-day. You can also share the garden progress with your friends using a various availability of the sharing option.

Features of GKH Gardening Companion App

  • Real companion for gardening
  • Helps as your personal assistant for the garden
  • A reminder will remind you that its time for taking care of the garden
  • Over 1000 plant articles tips including text and image for the perfect
  • Journal to keep tracking the progress of the garden
  • Easy comparison
  • Easy sharing of the garden progress using various sharing option
GKH Gardening Companion
GKH Gardening Companion

So, what is your pick as a Best Gardening App? Do let us know by commenting below.

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