We all know root gives privileges permission to users to use android most effectively. We can access root folders of a device and install custom ROM on android device. We can root device to access superuser permission. This is mostly useful when we purchase a second hand android device, we need to check if the phone is under warranty or not. If a device is rooted, its warranty will be voided. So if we check the device is rooted or not. Here in this article, we are going to discuss, how to check is my phone rooted or not.

How to Check is my phone rooted or Not Using an App

1.To download root checker android app, go to Google Play Store.

Android Root Checker App
Root Checker Android App

2. Search for Root checkers in a search bar.You will find the app under Tools category.

3. Tap on the app and install it on your device. Once installed, tap to open and it will ask you agree or disagree. Tap on agree on button proceed further.

How to use Root Checker on Android:

How to use Root Checker

Once you open root checker app, it will show you verify root access button, just tap on the button. It will check your device for root access. if your device is rooted, you will get a success message that congratulations ! your device has root access.

is my phone rooted
is my phone rooted

Android Root Checker App Features:

Root Checker
Root Checker
Developer: joeykrim
Price: Free+

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