Micro USB Cable is a useful accessory when you are a smartphone user. It can be used for many purposes like charging, for transferring the files, and more. The Micro USB cable provides a sufficient transfer speed. Even though, some users have got an error message as Android File Transfer Not Working. Sometimes, you may also get a No Android Device Find message. Then, what should be the reason behind it? How to fix an Android file transfer not working error?

So, here in this guide, you will get some tricks that help you to fix the issue. Let’s go through the guide and get the solutions.

How to fix an Android file transfer not working error?

Here, in this guide, we will also mention the probable reason for doing so alongside solutions. That will help you to get the issue.

So, let’s begin with the reasons that cause Android file transfer not working error.

Why does an Android file transfer, not working error occur?

  • A damaged USB cable can not transfer the media or data. So, check whether the cable is damaged or not.
  • Some USB cable is made only for charging purposes. And it does not support file transfer. So, before using such kinds of cable, make sure about its functionality.
  • To transfer the files, you also have to set them up on the device. And, if you do not make it, the data transfer will not take place.
  • If you are a Samsung smartphone user, the installation of Samsung’s Kies file transfer will also create such an issue. So, make sure that your device does not have Samsung’s Kies file transfer. If it is, then kindly makes it uninstall it to continue the data transfer.  
  • Sometimes broken or damaged USB ports also do not let you transfer the files. So, also check it before you proceed with the data transfer.

Now, let’s look at the easy trick that also helps you transfer the data.

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Enable file transfer on your smartphone

Before you go with the data transfer, you may need to enable the file transfer on the device. To do so,

  • Open Settings >> Go to the Storage >> Tap on three dots >> USB computer connection.
  • Here, Tick the box Media device (MTP).

Now, try to connect to the PC, and you will be able to file transfer.

If still, the same issue persists, go ahead with the next step.

Enable the USB Debugging Mode

Many of us have observed that even after a proper connection to the PC, the data transfer fails. At that point, enabling USB Debugging Mode may help you. But, for that, you will have to generate an option of Developer Mode. Here is a quick guide on both, enabling Developer Mode and enabling USB Debugging Mode.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Navigate to the “About Device option.
  • Here, find the Build Number option. Then to unlock the Developer options, tap Seven times on Build Number. With every tap, it shows you how many taps to go.
  • After completing the seven taps, the message would appear as You are now a developer.

So, by this easy way, you can enable the Developer option. It will make your job of enabling the USB Debugging Mode too easy.

  • Back to the main menu of the Settings.
  • Now, you will have a Developer Option. Tap on it.
  • Here, just tap on the slider which is next to the USB Debugging Mode. As it moves to the right side, the option is enabled.  
  • Now, lock the device and connect it to the PC using a micro USB cable.
  • Unlock the mobile and pull the notification panel down. Tap on USB for Charging.
  • From the pop-up, choose File Transfers.

And, now you can transfer the files to the PC.

Update the Software

Sometimes an older version of the software also causes some issues. So, kindly check whether the software is up-to-date or not. If you find an older version, then update it as quickly as possible

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Navigate to the About device option.
  • Here, the first option you can find is System Updates. Tap on it.
  • If any update is available, then it will let you know. To update the system, a tap will start the downloading process.
  • If there are no updates, then a message will appear your system is up-to-date.

In this way, you can easily check whether there is a need to update the software or not.  

Replace the micro USB cable with a new one

As we have mentioned earlier, sometimes a damaged micro USB cable also leads you to such issues. So, a replacement of the cable should be the easiest way to fix the issue. To buy a new one, you can go to the authorized service center of the device manufacturer. Or else you can also buy from your nearest mobile accessories shop. Although, you can also have an option of online purchasing from various reliable websites. 

If you want to buy Micro USB Cables from Amazon, you can check out this link to buy a new cable for you.

So, here is the end of the guide in which we have discussed some easy ways to fix the issue. We hope that this How to Fix an Android File Transfer Not Working guide will be useful to you.

If you are pleased with the fixes we have discussed, then also share it with other affected users.

Do also let us know your opinion regarding this guide.

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