In this article, we will show you how to add the new word to your phone’s personal directory. Sometimes your Android smartphone does not recognize few words that you have type in the messages and show you the error and automatically convert into another word. But no need to worry, because we have mentioned below simple steps to add the new word to your personal word directory. You can also use this feature if you are using the third party keyboard app on your Android device. Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to add words to android dictionary easily.

There are mainly two methods to add new words to your android smartphone’s personal directory. Check them below.

How to Add Words To Android Dictionary

Add New Word right from Android keyboard

Step 1: You will see the word along with few suggestions that appear on top bar of keyboard when you typing any word
Step 2: Now you have to type a name anywhere you want, then tap on “Space Bar.”

How to add words to android dictionaryStep 3: Now you can see red color underline with the word that you type
Step 4: Here you have to tap on word to expand options
Step 5: Now Choose “Add To Directory” option from appeared box then press “OK” button to complete this action

This will save your new word to your phone’s personal directory. Now you can check by typing the same word using the keyboard.

Add New Word from “Settings” of your Phone

Step 1: To add new word on your phone’s personal directory, launch “Settings” of your phone
Step 2: Once you’re on Settings, Scroll down and select “Language & keyboard” option under the personal section of settings. Open it

add words to android dictionaryStep 3: Now you have to select “Personal Directory” option
Step 4: After this, Choose the language, and open it to add new word in phone’s personal directory
Step 5: Now tap on ( + ) plus sign on the top right side of screen to add word
Step 6: Type your “word” that you want to add in personal directory, here you can also add shortcut to your word
Step 7: After typing your word press back button to save it( this will automatically save into your personal directory)

Have you ever tried adding words to your android dictionary? Which method is better for you? Please share your comments bellow.

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