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Fix Firmware Upgrade Encountered an Issue

firmware upgrade encountered an issue

All the smartphone manufacturers have manufactured their device in such a way that it can get updates automatically. The getting for the firmware from the manufacturer is one of the safest ways to getting updates. Also of that some Samsung users also obtain latest firmware updates from the Odin or Kies. But, whenever the Samsung users are installing the firmware updates using Odin or Kies, they mostly receive an error message. This error message is as “Firmware upgrade encountered an …

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How to Make Your Own Wallpaper

WallMate - Wallpaper Animator App

There are so many ways, by which you can easily customise your Android smartphone. Like smartphone accessories, case, cover and more. Likewise, the beautiful wallpaper will also help you to customise your device. For that, nowadays all the mobile coming with different wallpapers. Also of that, it also allows you to set your favourite image as a wallpaper. But, have you ever thinking about to create your wallpaper for your android phone? If no, then now it’s time to create …

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Pattern Lock Screen Android App

pattern lock screen app

For the security, all the smartphones are coming with their own security features. For that, the Android smartphone devices have swipe display lock. Also of that, it also has options of PIN lock, Password lock, and Pattern lock. This lock makes your smart device more secure in place of swipe lock. But, suppose you use the pattern lock on your device. And while using the pattern lock screen provided by the manufacturers, there is no any background behind the lock. …

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Keyboard Themes For Android


Most of the users are using the smartphone device to use the internet. They are using mostly the social networking sites. The users are also using their smartphone device to chat with others via social sites or text messages. As we know that to chat with each other, we have to type. To type, the keyboard is a must. All the smartphone comes with a keyboard. The pre-installed keyboard comes with the device, is a simple kind of keyboard. But, some …

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Set Image As Full Wallpaper Without Cropping in Android Smartphone

Image 2 Wallpaper Android App

Android smartphone is the best mobile platform to use. All Android smartphones have different size of the screen, so there are no specific size wallpapers for android. Whatever wallpaper you choose, a device will ask you to crop in the appropriate size to make it fit on your smartphone’s screen & Set Image As Full Wallpaper. If you have a low end android smartphone, you might not set higher resolution size wallpaper on your device. I have an observer that most of …

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How to Hide Files on Android

How to Hide Files on Android

All the mobile or smartphone users have some personal data or files are saved on their device. Sometimes when you have stored something important file on your device, you don’t want other peoples to look into your personal saved folders.  But, now you don’t worry about this article, which is related to your problem. Here, we will discuss How to hide pictures and videos on your Android smartphone device. Set a password on your device for your personal data, it is one of …

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Erase Games Data on Android Tablets & Phones


There are so many games are available at the Google Play Store for all the Android users. Most of the games are freely available to use or play on the Android smart device. While, some games are also obtainable with the paid version. In short, to find the new and latest games is not a tough job for Android users. But, whenever you are playing games on your Android device, the system will automatically save and record all the cached data. But, after …

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Fonts for FlipFont 50 Android App


Nowadays, all the people are using the internet through the android or other devices. They are also using such kind of social networking sites. Most of the social sites allow you to chat with your friends and family members. To chat with each other, we have to type a message. To type a message, current smart devices are coming with few built-in fonts. From which, you can choose best of fonts. But, there are also some peoples that the number …

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Live Wallpapers App For Android – Day Night Wallpaper

Live Wallpapers App For Android

Are you looking for live wallpapers for your android smartphones or tablet device? Recently we have tried one app for live wallpapers and found it very useful, that we would like to share a review of. One of the things that impressed me most about this app is the birds! There are very interactive, you can tap on them to make them change direction or make the chirp sound. I enjoyed tapping left and right to contain them on the …

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Best Video Downloader For Android

Android Video Downloader

Nowadays so many peoples are using Android smartphones, and it is the core requirement for anyone. Also, people wants entertainment while they are at work or outside their office. Sometimes they need a break from usual things and want to watch some movies on their smartphones or tablets. So here we came up with an interesting article about best Video Downloader for Android Tablet and smartphones. If you want to download videos from the internet on your Android device or tablet, …

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