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Erase Games Data on Android Tablets & Phones


There are so many games are available at the Google Play Store for all the Android users. Most of the games are freely available to use or play on the Android smart device. While, some games are also obtainable with the paid version. In short, to find the new and latest games is not a tough job for Android users. But, whenever you are playing games on your Android device, the system will automatically save and record all the cached data. But, after …

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Fonts for FlipFont 50 Android App


Nowadays, all the people are using the internet through the android or other devices. They are also using such kind of social networking sites. Most of the social sites allow you to chat with your friends and family members. To chat with each other, we have to type a message. To type a message, current smart devices are coming with few built-in fonts. From which, you can choose best of fonts. But, there are also some peoples that the number …

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Live Wallpapers App For Android – Day Night Wallpaper

Live Wallpapers App For Android

Are you looking for live wallpapers for your android smartphones or tablet device? Recently we have tried one app for live wallpapers and found it very useful, that we would like to share a review of. One of the things that impressed me most about this app is the birds! There are very interactive, you can tap on them to make them change direction or make the chirp sound. I enjoyed tapping left and right to contain them on the …

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Best Video Downloader For Android

Android Video Downloader

Nowadays so many peoples are using Android smartphones, and it is the core requirement for anyone. Also, people wants entertainment while they are at work or outside their office. Sometimes they need a break from usual things and want to watch some movies on their smartphones or tablets. So here we came up with an interesting article about best Video Downloader for Android Tablet and smartphones. If you want to download videos from the internet on your Android device or tablet, …

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How To Clear Youtube Search History on Android

clear search youtube history

Want to Clear Youtube Search History using android smartphones or tablets? Check out this quick steps to delete your youtube searched history on android smartphones or tablet. We all know we can watch various movies, live news as well as tv channels on Android using YouTube app. but YouTube stores your history on your device so that you can check later, which video you have watched in particular date. YouTube app helps you to save your look for the record so …

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How to Block Porn on Android for FREE

Secure Teen App Review

We have discussed blocking porn on android before a few days ago. Here in this article, we have found another great app that helps you to Block Porn on Android as well as best parental control app for you. SecureTeen Parental Control App is the parental control app for teenagers to control other online activity. The SecureTeen is the best app for monitoring your child’s activity and other online activity. With this app, you can control your child’s all online negative …

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Download Ringtones & Hot Wallpapers Free With Android App

Cool Wallpapers for android

Who don’t like to Download Ringtones and hot wallpapers for free? Everyone does like to have latest games, free android themes or home launchers for smartphones for their smartphone. You can download free android apps from Google Play Store by configuring your android smartphone with your Google account. Theandroidportal is recommending the best android app, that contains all in one for free. You can download latest ringtones, hot wallpapers, free themes, free android games, notification ringtones etc from one android app. Zedge allows you to …

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How To Delete Auto Backup Pictures From Samsung Smartphones

Disable Google Plus auto backup

We have already shared a guide on How to Remove Auto Backup Photos Android here. Here in this article, we will specially discuss about turning off Google Automatic Photo Backup. By default, when you add gmail account to your smartphone, it will enable auto backup features of photos on your Google account. But if you are really concerned about your online privacy and want to delete Google Backup Photos from samsung smartphones, you can follow this steps. You can also deactivate auto sync photos from …

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Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S5

Best Samsung S5 Accessories

Nowadays, most of the people are using smartphone device. As we know that the latest smartphone device comes with so many amazing specification as well as some great features. Most of the smartphone manufacturer company have made their smartphones devices along with some attractive features. But, here we are coming with some external Samsung s5 accessories, which are very useful for your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone device. Find out few of the recommended most useful accessories for Samsung galaxy s5 …

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Cool Phone Backgrounds & Wallpaper Apps for Android

Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

Want Cool Phone Backgrounds for your smartphone? There are bunch of android apps available in the market that helps you to download Cool Phone Backgrounds and wallpaper free for your smartphones. Check out few recommended apps to download hot wallpapers for android. Every user of smartphone device want to make the look of their device stunning. For that, they have used many smartphones accessories, back cover , flip cover etc. But, there is also one efficient and easy way, which makes your …

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