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In this category, you will find how to guide about android. It’s ultimate guide for how to related tutorials for your smartphones and tablets.Find all how to related guide for your android smartphone. If you want to do something new with your smartphone or increasing smartphone’s performance and efficiency, this guide would help you.

How To Change OK Google Command To Another Phrase on Android

How To Change Google Now Command From Ok Google To Something Else

We all know Google now is an intelligent voice assistant for Android smartphones. You can just ask your phone with some commands, and your phone shows relevant results according to your proposed query. Your phone will awake when you say OK Google anytime to your Android phone. Have you ever wondered if you could call someone by asking Hey phone? Wouldn’t it new for you? Well, you can replace the OK Google command with new command of your choice. Check …

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How to Reboot Android Smartphones & Tablets

How to Reboot Android

It is really hard time when your smartphone is having non-removable battery and your smartphone gets hang. How do you reboot your smartphone in such a case? Well, Here in this article, we are going to discuss on how to rebook android tablets and smartphones in few steps. How to Reboot your Android Phone when frozen Restarting your process can help you to unfreeze your Android smartphone and also get it in working condition. If your Android device completely froze …

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How to Set Google Play Parental Controls

parental control on google play store

In technology era, parental control is a necessary thing for parents for their child. If your child loves to play with your Android smartphone, it is the important thing for you to set parental control over it. So that, they might not access visit offensive things over the internet. It is also necessary to protect your purchase & censorship to age restricted content from Google play store as well. The good thing is, you can quickly set up child restriction from Google play …

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How to Fix WiFi Wont Turn On – For Any Android Device

WiFi Won't Turn On 2

As we know, by enabling the mobile data connection, we can easily use the internet through the android mobile. Other than this, by using the Wi-Fi feature of the latest mobile device, you can also use the internet. These are the only two ways by which you can use the internet through your android mobile phone. But, most of the users have noticed that sometimes the Wi-Fi feature does not work properly on their device. Mostly, it happened with those users …

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What is Archived Chat in Whatsapp

The archive chats feature on Whatsapp allows you to hide WhatsApp chat conversation from your WhatsApp account. So that your WhatsApp chats screen will not show that archived message. You can always access archived messages from WhatsApp using steps mentioned in this article.Here in this article, we will discuss how you can archive single/multiple WhatsApp chats. You can also learn more about how you can easily unarchive your WhatsApp conversation. How to archive a single chat on WhatsApp If you want …

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How to Backup Android Phone to Cloud Storage

Backup Android Phone

Think that you have lost your phone or it gets damaged that you are unable to use it anymore. But you still need data on your smartphone. E.g. Your captured photos, contacts, music or any other data stored in your internal memory of your device. I have seen with a couple of peoples facing such issue that they have lost their precious photos in such occurrence. You can easily avoid any such problem by backing up your data. Also backing up …

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How To Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code

MMI Code 1

Have you ever seen the error message as “Connection problem or invalid MMI Code” on your android device? For this question, most of the Android smartphone users give an answer as Yes. Because all the Android users have faced this error message at least once on their device. This error message often comes when you are checking your account balance. It also comes when you are topping up the balance of your SIM account. This message occurs because of the …

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Fix Firmware Upgrade Encountered an Issue

firmware upgrade encountered an issue

All the smartphone manufacturers have manufactured their device in such a way that it can get updates automatically. The getting for the firmware from the manufacturer is one of the safest ways to getting updates. Also of that some Samsung users also obtain latest firmware updates from the Odin or Kies. But, whenever the Samsung users are installing the firmware updates using Odin or Kies, they mostly receive an error message. This error message is as “Firmware upgrade encountered an …

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How to Delete VLC History on Android

How to Delete VLC History on Android

We all know that VLC media player on Android, that help us to watch movies from a device. But sometimes our searched things are appearing on VLC search. But in this article, we will show you how to remove search history of VLC Media Player on your Android device. Now follow these simple steps to delete VLC history on android phones. How to Delete VLC History on Android Step 1: Open VLC Media Player on your Android smartphone Step 2: …

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How to Fix All Google Play Store Error

Google Play Store Error

Using Android smartphone is nowadays trendy, and peoples used to use new and latest smartphones day by day.You might have faced an issue while downloading your favorite Android app on your device; it would say some crappy error message with an error code that you don’t want to see. Sometimes that error codes are coming again and again in front of your screen and annoy you; you might be looking for Google Play Store error codes and how to fix Google …

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