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How to Cancel Pandora One Subscription

There are so many apps are available at Google Play Store. But, all they are only applicable for smartphone devices, which runs on Android OS. Among all the android apps, some of the apps are free, while some of the apps come with paid version. Some apps are also there, for which you should have to make the subscription. The Pandora One is also that type of android app. To use Pandora One app, users subscription is the must. But, …

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems – Know how to solve them

Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems

The Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphones, which was launched by the Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S5 device comes with a big 5.1 inch Super AMOLED multi-capacitive touch screen display with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It runs on an Android OS with the version 4.4.2 KitKat. It is powered by a powerful 2.5 GHz quad core processor. It also has 16 MP resolution main camera and 2 MP resolution front camera. 2 GB of RAM …

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How to Get a Refund on Google Play Store

Get a Refund on Google Play Store

Have you thought ever about how to get a refund on Google Play Store? Mostly, No? You might have purchased app sometimes but didn’t satisfied with what mentioned on app page? You may ask for a refund on Google play store. Do you know that? Some Android users have used free apps or free games on their devices. And in free apps, there does not question about the refund of the payments. But, what is about the users who have purchased …

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How to Reset iPhone Without Apple ID

How to Reset iPhone without apple ID

In this article, we have mentioned about how to reset Apple iPhone without Passcode or how to delete the Apple ID without the passcode. In this post, we have mentioned two methods to reset iPhone without Apple ID or Passcode. In the first method, you can also restore or reset the iPhone without any problem; Just you have to update the firmware of the iPhone by using the “iTunes” on your computer. With the first method, you can restore your …

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Google Play Music Family Plan

Today, music streaming is increasing with a time. Because of increasing music streaming, Web developers develop online music streaming applications. Which is provide you a better way to stream the music. Infect online music streaming is good. You can get better sound quality. Many application and plans of online music playing available in the market. Because of increasing demand of online streaming, Google has introduced a family plan for Playing Music. For that, you have to subscribe for the family plan. These family …

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Fix Screen Overlay Problem on Android

screen overlay in note 4

In this article, we have mentioned about how to fix screen Overlay on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. So you get the message about screen overlay in note 4, and you have no any idea to fix it. No need to worry, Now follow this simple steps to fix this issue on your Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone. The reason for Scree Overlay detected error If you are running the Floating application and floating tools app on your Galaxy Smartphone, so …

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How to Fix Process com.android.systemui Has Stopped

UI Stopped and Android

After installing any external apps This might happen when you install apps from external source. This might affect your root or system necessary files, so if you are seeing UI System has stopped like error after installing any apps, you should uninstall it. You can also re-install it to see that app was causing an issue. Mostly we have seen after installing any home screen launchers for Android. It is advised thatThe solution you should avoid using home screen launcher if your …

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Get iPhone Emojis on Your Android Smartphone (No Root Needed)

Get iPhone Emojis on Your Android Smartphone

In last decade, there are much of the invention have been taken place in the technical field of the smartphone. Also of that, there are many of the smartphones has been launched by various manufacturers along with the great features. Nowadays, with all the smartphone, the one word we all have heard lots of the time. Do you know that which word we are talking about? Yes, exactly, it is Emoji. The Emoji is a small digital image which is …

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Unfortunately System UI Has Stopped on Galaxy Note 5 & Other Phones

Unfortunately System UI Has Stopped on Galaxy Note 5

Have you ever seen the error message as “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” in your smartphone? This error message mostly appears after updating the existing Android Operating System. Nowadays, all the Android smartphones are coming with the upgradation facility to provide more flexibility to the users. After updating the Android OS, most of the users have faced error message “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped.” Recently, Samsung has also started the Android OS version 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for Galaxy Note 5. …

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How to Sync Facebook Contacts to Android Mobiles

How to Sync Facebook Contacts to Android Mobile 1

Facebook is one of the most famous and used social networking sites for all the smartphone users. It is a photo and video sharing social networking site, which will connect the people with each other. Facebook also has a facility to chat or conversation with the people that you may know. All the smartphone user have installed this Facebook app on their device. But, to get more joy of this app, you will have to make friends on through it. …

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