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In this category, you will find how to guide about android. It’s ultimate guide for how to related tutorials for your smartphones and tablets.Find all how to related guide for your android smartphone. If you want to do something new with your smartphone or increasing smartphone’s performance and efficiency, this guide would help you.

Transfer Contacts – Import & Exporting Contact on Android

Transfer Contacts 4

Everyone is looking forward to buying a new smartphone. Some peoples keep changing their smartphones to new one whenever there is any new smartphone comes in the market. But, at that time, what is about the data stored in our old or previous device? If those data is predominant, then you must have to transfer it to your brand new smartphone you just bought. It may be contacts, images, videos, documents, apps and more. Here, we will discuss that how …

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Camera Failed

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Camera Failed

The most annoying thing is on Android smartphone when applications close suddenly or display an error message. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have received camera failed error, you should check this article. You are not alone as so many users reported this error on Samsung galaxy S3 device. Sometimes for other Samsung smartphones too. You only need to follow some simple troubleshooting steps, and the camera failed error on your device will be fixed. Every Samsung …

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How To Copy And Paste On Android

How To Disable Autosync Android

As we know the mobile is one of the primary needs nowadays for most of the people. The mobile can be used for lots of purposes. Such as to play games, to use the internet, to calling, to send the message, to payment or more. Along with that, most of the people are also uses the mobile to chat or video calling with each other. The chatting is necessary to stay connected with each other. To chatting, the typing is …

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Baby Crying Detector

Baby Crying Detector 4

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone is one of the best latest smartphones. This Galaxy mobile comes with wide range of the features and specs. It also has some excellent features that you can not see in any other latest smart devices. Behind these broad features, there is one name and is of Samsung. Not even in the S6 Edge device, you can also observe the many features in any Samsung phone. The Galaxy S6 Edge comes with one unique …

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Firmware Updater Android

Firmware Updater Android 2

Nowadays, all the Android smartphones are coming with the periodic updates of their Android operating system. It is also known as Android firmware update. Whatever the updates come with the smart device is generally provided by the manufacturer of the phone. Although, most users of the Android phone do not know that how to update the android firmware. So, for those who do know that here we are coming with a better solution for the firmware update. But, before that, we …

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Stop Apps From Auto Starting on Android

Developer Option - Stop Apps running in Background

You might have noticed when you boot your Android, some apps getting started automatically. Some apps like Google play services, Amazon MP3 store, Google play store, facebook, etc. runs in the background. Not only that, but it consumes your Internet data too as well as battery. If you are facing slow performance or battery backup issue, you might want to check this out. This might improve your battery backup and phone performance. All you need to do is stop apps from …

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How to Turn On or Off Backup Assistant Plus

How to Turn On or Off Backup Assistant Plus in Samsung Galaxy Android Phone 1

Among all the smartphone devices, most of the people have preferred to use the Samsung smartphones. Samsung’s unique features and specs are one if the main reasons behind the popularity of the Samsung mobiles. Most of the Samsung device comes with advanced features. But, it does not mean that the problems or issues have never come in the Samsung phones. The random freezing of the device probably occurs in all the Samsung devices. It happens because of the software problems …

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How to Fix Android Running Slow Problem?

How to Fix Android Running Slow Problem

The bloom is off the rose if your android phone has slowed down. If you hit the home button and it seems that it will take an eternity to switch to the new task, then you will have to find the ways to speed up the performance. Android phones are available everywhere, and they slow down with time; this is the reason why it is important that you maintain the smoothness of your Android phones. Here are the tips how …

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How To Sign Out Of Google Play Store

How To Sign Out of Google Play Store

Android is popular OS, that so many peoples are smartphone user nowadays. Day by day, the amount of users of smartphone devices are increasing. For android powered devices, Google Play Store is a very important app. To download and install any app, best reliable source to download files for android is Google Play store. All the latest android smartphone and tablet devices come with pre-installed Google Play Store app. As we all know, to use Play Store, the user must be …

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What is Cached Data on Android Smartphone

What is cached data - hoew to clear it

Currently, there are so many people are using smartphone devices. They have also used so many apps according to their requirements. But, even after using smartphone device for many years, some users are also there who does not have any idea about some words. Some words like Force Stop, Cached Data, and much more. So, in this discussion, we will discuss that what is cached data on the Android phone. What is Cached Data On My Phone This is the very …

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