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In this category, you will find how to guide about android. It’s ultimate guide for how to related tutorials for your smartphones and tablets.Find all how to related guide for your android smartphone. If you want to do something new with your smartphone or increasing smartphone’s performance and efficiency, this guide would help you.

How to Download Android SDK on Windows or mac

download android sdk on windows or mac

Recently, Google released an all in one updated Android Studio version for Android developers. This includes an Android SDK, Virtual machine manager, and Full IDE with all new world class code editing and debugging feature. In this article, we have posted how to download Android Studio on your Windows-based PC and Mac. Download Full Android Studio on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Get your computer ready for installing Android Studio. Java development Kit is necessary to file to run Android Studio on your …

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How To Fix Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped

unfortunately settings has stopped

Many times your device show an error on your phone saying, Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Error. Many Android smartphone users complained about this error, and they are facing the problem with their Android smartphone when they are trying to launch Setting. After this error, You can not access the setting option on your phone so follow below mentioned methods to fix this error. Fix to Unfortunately Settings has stopped Error Before you check this method, you can also check how to …

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Prank Call & Prank SMS Android App


We are using Android smartphones and tablet devices for so many purposes. E.g. To call, messages, surfing the internet, music, videos, and much more. Also of that, some devices also come with the facility of making fake calls e.g. Prankdial. Some Samsung non-android phones were coming with this funny service. Nowadays, most of the smartphone devices do not have this funny feature. But, do not worry for that. Because here we will discuss an Android app, Prank Call & Prank …

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Setup Daydream in Samsung Galaxy S5 Android

android daydream

Till now, Samsung has launched many of smartphone devices along with amazing features and specs. In which, the Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, S7, Note 3 and much more are the stunning devices of the Samsung. Some users are also well known about the inside features of the Samsung smartphone. While some do not have any idea regarding this daydream option. So, for those, here we are coming with an interesting topic. This topic is very useful for the users of …

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Working with Google Now Reminders

Google Now Reminders

Most of the users of a smartphone are wants to best apps in their smartphone devices, to stay connected with the World. There are also so many existing application on the market, by which you can easily link to the surroundings. There is also some apps are recommended by many of sources. There is also some features are offered by a most trusted and very popular search engine Google. One of the best services of the Google is “Google Now,” while the …

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How to Disable Developer Options on Android phone

how to turn off developer mode

You might have enabled developer option to access some extra features on your smartphone. E.g. To disable mock location or to enable USB debugging mode.  Now a thing comes in your mind that, you have allowed developer option on your phone. But you don’t want it to keep enabled on your phone. As someone might change in your developer setting and you don’t want anyone to access this option. Check below steps on how you can quickly turn off developer …

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How To Turn Off Mock Locations on Android

Turn Off Mock Locations

We have got few queries from our readers asking us to write about How To Turn Off Mock Locations on Android. Main reason to turn off mock location was just that Pokemon Go games want to turn off mock location. Some users have asked us that they are not able to find mock location options on their smartphone. Don’t worry about it, Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to enable or disable mock locations on your smartphone. To …

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How To Bypass Android Lock Screen

How To Bypass Android Lock Screen

Android phones and tablet devices come with the best security features. Most of the privacy related protection features allow you to prevent unauthorized access and use of your phone from others. However, the problem happens when you have set a pattern lock on your device and forget the same. That time, you don’t have any ways to bypass the android lock screen. Here in this article, we are going to discuss How to bypass Android lock screen. Warning: You should …

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How To Fix Google Play Error 961

How to fix Google Play Store Error “961”

Google Play Unknown Error 961 is the very common error on Google Play Store. Error 961 mean the Google servers have restricted the request for updating an app or downloading any apps from Google Play Store. Anyone can solve this error quickly within 10 minutes so don’t worry about it. Only You have just to follow steps and method to solve Error 961 quickly. Check below articles for recommended methods to fix your 961 error on play store. Clear Cache …

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How to Backup Android Phone to Cloud Storage

Backup Android Phone

Think that you have lost your phone or it gets damaged that you are unable to use it anymore. But you still need data on your smartphone. E.g. Your captured photos, contacts, music or any other data stored in your internal memory of your device. I have seen with a couple of peoples facing such issue that they have lost their precious photos in such occurrence. You can easily avoid any such problem by backing up your data. Also backing up …

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