WhatsApp fingerprint authentication has just made its appearance in the latest beta version app. WhatsApp has been working continuously to come up with the new features to attract and please its users. A few days back, WhatsApp Forward Frequency feature was in the news. Also, now the appearance of new WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication and Dark Mode confirms that developers are working really to come up with some fantastic features.

Whatsapp Fingerprint Authentication & Dark Mode Coming Soon

The WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication feature will help users unlock and lock their app using just their finger.

The feature will run quick, and there should not be any lag between locking and unlocking the app. Furthermore, its release in beta version assures that the official release will surely be a stable one. This feature was already introduced to WhatsApp’s iOS version and got appreciation from the users as well.

It will be interesting to see how Android users will react to this new WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication and dark mode feature. The feature was released for iOS users earlier this year. The entire buzz is created by the WABetaInfo. Actually, WABetaInfo has shared some screenshots showing how this new fingerprint authentication can be used and enabled in WhatsApp settings and how the interface will look after applying dark mode.

If you see the efforts WhatsApp is putting to be the best, a few months back, they have introduced UPI function in the application as well to make users life more comfortable. Furthermore, two more significant change made by WhatsApp in the last few years is Whatsapp Last Seen Hiding ability and the Web version that one can use to access WhatsApp through the desktop. Overall, this development is never going to stop, and users will keep getting new features like these.

If you can’t wait anymore to check out the feature, you can download and check the beta version anytime you want.

How To Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication Feature And How It Works?

To enable this feature, you need to go to the settings in your WhatsApp application. Just tap on three vertical dots right beside the search icon.  Now select settings from available options to get into it.

So, once you’re there, follow the instructions as Account >> Privacy >> Use Fingerprint to Unlock.

Now just register your fingerprint to activate or enable this security feature on your android app. Also, you will get the option to for timeout after 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes.

Furthermore, similar to your Android smartphone, too many failed, or invalid attempts to unlock the app will lock your app for a few minutes. So, in other words, this feature is going to help those users who worry about easy access to their private messages by implementing another layer of protection.

What About The WhatsApp Dark Mode?

There is no date confirmation yet, but yes, users will get this feature soon. Also, WABetaInfo has shared some screenshots showing the dark mode in WhatsApp 2.19.82 version. However, this new dark mode may not be that great on smartphones with an OLED display. This is because the dark mode is not going to be completely black. Instead, it will be grey dark in color.

The fingerprint authentication and dark mode will undoubtedly change the way people were accessing WhatsApp earlier.

So, that’s all about the WhatsApp fingerprint authentication and dark mode which will be available soon.  Also, it will be boosting security and offering peace of mind to the user’s worrying about there private messages.

Furthermore, the dark mode doesn’t seem to be that great for all users. However, it will be interesting to see how WhatsApp users will react in the near future after these features get officially released.

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