Everyone is excited about the new WhatsApp features including the one that will show the number of times a message is forwarded. Well, let’s not talk about the rumors and start exploring the facts that confirm the new WhatsApp features.

According to reports, WhatsApp is all set to introduce a set of new features anytime soon. These features will help over 1.5 billion WhatsApp users know the message forward frequencies and the information.

However, these features are not yet available. But, according to reports, the WhatsApp development team is working on these two new features in the beta mode for the Android platform.

WhatsApp Message Forward Frequency Feature May Arrive Soon

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What Are The Latest Features Expected?

There are two key features that WhatsApp users are waiting eagerly for, namely the Forwarding info and the Frequently Forwarded feature. Furthermore, the Forwarding info feature won’t do anything but will show more information about a message. It will also help users know the number of times a message has been forwarded.

However, the feature is limited to sent messages only and it will not track the received messages. Well, the feature seems great to know the trending texts on WhatsApp groups. However, time will tell how this feature will boost WhatsApp user experience and what actual benefits it will offer.

“Frequently Forwarded” is another feature WhatsApp is going to offer with its future update.

This feature won’t do anything other than tagging the text with the “Frequently Forwarded” label. According to reports, the messages forwarded more than four times on WhatsApp will be eligible to get this tag and label.

So, the primary motive for this feature is to help WhatsApp users identify the frequently forwarded messages. Well, we can’t predict how this feature will work. But, after its release, spammers won’t be able to fool people on WhatsApp by sending the same messages to multiple groups and people.

Please note that developers have not confirmed any of these features officially yet. All the info we are providing you is based on reports and research. Also, the chances are that these features may not work as we have described. However, the basic approach or idea of the features are supposed to be the same as mentioned above.

WhatsApp Keep Updating Its Android And iOS Applications To Offer Users Some Cool And New Features. So, these features can be another step by WhatsApp to take their users digitally to the next level.

Recently Released WhatsApp Features  

Below we have mentioned the two new WhatsApp features that have already arrived, and users are loving them. Have a look below to know and start using them today…

 Biometric Features In iPhone App

It lets the iPhone users add another layer of security to the app through Touch ID and Face ID. Also, this feature works very similar to the one which is found on the Signal iOS app and Outlook app. Follow the below steps to enable this feature…

  • Launch the WhatsApp application and go to Settings
  • Now go to the Privacy section and then into the Screen lock
  • There you will get the option to enable Face ID and Touch ID security for your WhatsApp application.

Group Calling Shortcut

This feature has been available since August 2018, but the entire process was quite complicated. Well, thanks to the “New Group Calling Button,” it is easy to make a group call within a fraction of a second. Here are the steps that you need to follow to use this button…

  • Touch on the add participants button available in the group. It’s available right next to the hamburger button.
  • Now select the participants to start the calm with. 

So, that’s everything you should know about coming WhatsApp features, namely Forwarding info and Frequently Forwarded. Also, read “How to Add or Remove UPI Account in WhatsApp” and “Hide Whatsapp Last Seen For Everyone Without Any Apps.” So, that’s all for now, and thanks for reading this post. Also, do follow us to get more such news and tech updates.

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