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Smart RAM Booster – Increase RAM & Boost Performance of Android

We all know if we have installed unwanted apps on smartphone device or tablet, it’s speed and performance both would be down. You might have experienced sometimes that your Android device is running very slow. You also would have tried to remove unwanted apps from your device. According to a few experts, we can clear up free space on a device by killing unwanted tasks from your device to boost its performance. Sometimes RAM cleaner apps also help. Here in this article, we are going to discuss RAM cleaner app for android that acts as ram booster to improve a performance of your device.

It would be temporarily boosted but if you want to boost your android tablet’s performance quickly, you can also use Smart RAM Booster android app. It’s a great app for your android device that would increase RAM and boost the performance of your device effectively. RAM Booster is designed to overcome these issues by selectively kill less important apps that are running in the background but consumes considerable device’s memory.

Smart RAM Booster for Android

This is RAM boosting app for Android that is similar to Clean Master – Free Optimizer app for android. There is mainly four part of this app to work it effectively. Running apps, cache empty, junk files and app manager options. When you download and install Smart RAM Booster app on your device, on the first launch, you would see the meter at the bottom as shown in the above screenshot.

It would show the total percentage of your device used out of available RAM. When you tap on it, it would load and the boost screen would appear. After boosting RAM, you would see a result of percentage of free released RAM & Boost in Performance of your smartphone device.

How to Increase RAM on Android Phone

All those part screenshots are provided here. On running apps, you would see currently running tasks on your android. By default, it would automatically choose all background running task to kill. When you tap on boost, it would kill the background running apps on your device to speed up your android.

Next thing is about cleaning system cache. When you tap on it, it would show a number of MB that is occupied by your system cache. You can tap on clean system cache to clear cache from your device. Another important thing is junk files.

Junk file option would show you the total size of temporary files, orphan files, big files and folders you can clean to increase the RAM of your device. let me explain about orphan files on Android. These are those files, that is suspected as unwanted files and folders, occupying unnecessary space on your device.

If you want to clean unwanted files, installs, apps and another thing that has no values, you can clear them. For your safety, you should tap on orphan files option, see which file you suspect as unwanted. select only those files and then clean. Make sure you are not removing important files because you would not be able to recover deleted files on your android.

Best RAM cleaner for Android
RAM cleaner

From the setting, you can set boost level for an effective increase in performance of your device. If you select aggressively, as boost level it would not leave any files or folders that are suspected. It would clean, almost wipe your device. The recommended option is setting up boost level as strong. You can also add some apps to be ignored when a device is boosted, to prevent that app getting forced close by this app.

Another interesting option is to boost the device when a screen is off. I would recommend you to use this option because it would boost your device when your device’s screen is off. It would increase the performance and speed of your device for your next startup. When you open or unlock a device for any work or calling, you would see a number of apps that have been killed and boosted. It would automatically increase the battery life of your smartphone device or tablet.

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RAM Cleaner Features:

  • 1 click cache cleaner tool is available for quick boosting.
  • The auto-boost feature would let you boost your device when a screen is off.
  • Smart RAM Cleaner has also Home screen widget available for the quick boost.
  • Both free and paid apps available.
  • Fast reboot widget lets you restart your smartphone device quickly.
  • One-Tap Boost App that can effectively increase and Boost Performance.


If you like this free ram cleaner app, you can also go for pro version of this app Smart RAM Booster Pro for Android, that is having more advanced features and without ads.

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