Does your Samsung Galaxy S9 keep rebooting for no apparent reason? It’s pretty much frustrating when your phone reboots regularly at the time you need it.

This might be caused by several reasons, such as firmware issues, improper system updates, full phone storage, and so much more. However, if the firmware isn’t modified yet, you can solve this issue and make your phone function properly again.

In this article, I will give you detailed information on fixing the Samsung S9 that keeps rebooting. I will tell you how to solve this issue by modifying the firmware or replacing the hardware of your mobile phone.

Samsung s9 Keeps Rebooting

Why Does Samsung S9 Keep Rebooting?

The most common reasons why your phone keeps restarting can be categorized into software and hardware issues. But in this case, software issues always cause your phone to reboot. And they are pretty much difficult to detect because they result from software enhancement on Samsung phones.

  • Conflict in software improvement: Suppose you download and install a third-party phone application incompatible with the Samsung S9 operating system, then your mobile will experience software conflict. In this case, you should uninstall all the faulty applications while at the same time eliminating the cache.
  • Rooting Faults: After rooting, your device might keep on rebooting while you are on a call or chatting with friends. In this situation, you need to unroot the Android Samsung device. And most importantly, every time you want to root your phone, you need to understand the implications of doing so.

How to Fix Samsung S9 that Keeps Rebooting

Once you know why your phone keeps rebooting, you need to figure out the best solution for this problem. Therefore, you can use any of the methods below to fix the restarting issue in your Samsung S9 mobile device.

We have found the same issue with other Samsung phones, such as Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy Note 4 phones, and tried to cover the most solutions that help you to get rid of this problem easily.

Turn off the Samsung S9 Device

Turn off the Samsung S9 Device

The first method is to try and turn off your phone. So, long-press the power button for about 15 seconds, and it’ll turn off automatically.

If that fails, you can as well shut it down forcefully. Moreover, most Samsung S9 devices have in-built batteries. In this case, you need to simultaneously press the power, volume-down, and home buttons for about 8 seconds to reboot it.

Select the power-off button to turn off the mobile device. Leave it for approximately 30 minutes to cool down before restarting it once again.

Compress the Phone Storage

Commonly, the Samsung S9 can become quite useless if you store a large amount of data. Therefore, too much cached data can cause a series of system malfunctions or errors such as rebooting issues.

So if you have used your Samsung device for quite a long time, you need to think of cleaning and compressing the internal storage of unwanted data. For you to do that, go to the settings section, and select stores.

Click on the cache data not used to eliminate all the useless files from the internal storage.

Uninstall Latest Applications

If you have not succeeded with other methods of fixing your phone’s rebooting issue, then try eliminating recently installed third-party applications. They might be conflicting with the device’s Android system.

So the only safe way to stop the annoying restarting influence is by uninstalling these software applications. Go to the homepage and long-press the application icon you want to eliminate.

Enable the Safe mode on the Samsung S9

Enabling the safe mode is the safest way to fix your Samsung device that keeps rebooting. It hides all the influential third-party software applications on your device.

To enable the safe mode, first turn off your device. Then long-press the power button until “Samsung name” appears on the screen, and release the button.

Long-press the volume down button until rebooting is completed. When the “safe mode” dialogue box appears, tap on it, and wait for at least 20 to 30 seconds to enable the safe mode.

Go ahead and check the device’s functionality. You should never disable the safe mode until you have uninstalled all third-party applications you recently installed on your Samsung device.

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Eject the Memory Card

Eject the Memory Card

If your Samsung Galaxy S9 device is equipped with a memory card, you can fix the rebooting problem by ejecting it. This method works, and it is considered to be highly effective.

To safely eject the SD card, insert the needle into the small port of the slot. And gently pull it out. After removing it, check whether your phone keeps on rebooting. If not, then the SD card was the one causing the problem.

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Factory Reset

After trying all the methods above and still not working, you need to perform a severe factory reset. Reinstalling the Android operating system can fix all the issues related to firmware and other negligible hardware complications.

Before performing a factory reset, it’s advisable you back up all your relevant information, such as call logs, phone contacts, photos, and other significant data. Moreover, sign out from your Google account to inactivate your factory reset protection (FRP).

To reset the factory Android system, you need to charge your phone and turn it off. Long press both volume-up, home, and power keys simultaneously to access the Recovery mode.

Use both the volume-down or up keys to scroll the factory reset and wipe the cache partition. Press the power key to choose and commence the factory reset.

After this process is complete, tap on the “Reboot Android System Now” to bring your Samsung S9 phone to its normal condition. Now you can restart it.


Samsung is one of the most reputable phone manufacturers aiming at consolidating the high-end market. Nevertheless, most of their consumers have reported issues related to keeping rebooting.

To quickly salvage this problem, I advise using one of the methods highlighted above. I hope that this comprehensive troubleshooting article will assist in fixing this rebooting issue.

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