Sometimes you get unwanted calls from your mobile, no matter which mobile device you use. Sometimes you get unwanted calls from telemarketing companies to use their service. Most of the time, we think we should block such numbers so they will not harass you again.

A few methods are available to block such callers, and specific mobile apps are also available for Android. Here are a few methods by which you can prevent your numbers from spammers.

How to block numbers & Unwanted Calls on Android

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1. Don’t publish your number everywhere:

Some people habitually write their numbers everywhere, even on social networking sites and websites.

Also, don’t use your phone number for websites that are likely to spam your number with auto-diallers or telemarketing schemes. Don’t share your contact numbers with everyone if you do not know him/her personally.

2. Use Caller Identification Android apps:

The Google Play store has the largest Android app collection that can show who is calling you. Some of the apps have call-blocking options, so whenever you see details like spammers, you can directly block numbers & calls from those apps. So it will automatically block next time and not annoy you further.

You can use TruecallerMr. Number-Block calls, textsWhosCall-block calls, and call blocker Android apps like Call BlockerCall Control-Call Blocker, etc.

I use Truecaller to Block Phone Calls from Telemarketers. You can also do the same using that; check out the video below that will help you.

3. Use the sent to voicemail feature on Android:

This is the most wanted feature available on the latest Android phones. This trick would not work for private/unknown numbers. However, you can use specific numbers to block with this trick.

Suppose you know the Tele caller number is +91-842235122. Like this, save it and go to set for that contact. There should be an option to enable the voicemail option.

If none of these tricks works, you can call your service provider & tell them to block a specific number. If still, you are still getting calls from a specific person, you can go for legal action against him/her.

How To Block Private Calls on ASUS Zenfone

It’s very common for some users that private numbers are calling them. There is nothing more annoying than being harassed by private calls and messages. Especially calls from hidden number calls from telemarketing companies.

The thing is how to prevent those people from calling you again; check out this tutorial on how to block private calls on ASUS Zenfone series smartphones. You can even block SMS from private numbers using this technique.

Most smartphones, like ASUS Zenfone Zoom and other Zenfone series smartphones, HTC Sense, and LG Optimus UI, have the built-in feature to block incoming calls from hidden numbers. Call-blocking features may vary depending on the manufacturer.

But in general, you might be able to access this private block calls setting from the call option of your smartphone device. Check out the procedure below for blocking private numbers on ASUS zenfone zoom.

How To Block Private Calls on ASUS

  • Open the Calling menu from your Zenfone > Press the option
  • Here you will see your call setting > Block function setting
  • You will see the block mode option here; tap on itblock private calls on Android

On block mode, you will see three options smart blocking, block unknown calls, and block unknown calls and messages.

If you choose a smart blocking option, it will automatically block the private number calling you. If you choose to block unknown numbers, your device will block calls from unknown numbers. But you are still receiving a message from unknown numbers.

If you select block unknown calls and messages, it will block the number on Android calling and messaging you.

A few apps on the Google Play Store also allow you to block private calls. Many of them are the best in terms of blocking calls from unwanted numbers. You can use call-blocking Android apps if your device does not have a call-blocking facility.

Nowadays, almost all the latest phones have a built-in feature to block spam phone calls, and you can use it directly from your phone’s settings option.

Do let us know how you block private calls on your Android smartphones in the comment section below.

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