We all know android smartphone devices are coming up with lots of features. You can use featured android apps to make your android user experience better.

Here we came up with another best android app that would let you record all incoming and outgoing phone calls from your smartphone. When you install a call recorder for an android smartphone, it would automatically record your call.

Call Recorder For Android Smartphones

Its Simple Call Recorder application has the ability to Enable/Disable call recording. It allows you to record all incoming or outgoing calls from your smartphone.

You can also Play/Stop recorded audio by touching on the item or deleting recorded items. It has an auto clean feature that would delete the automatic recording when you enter a password wrongly. You can also prevent your recorded calls from auto-cleaning.

Automatic Call Recorder for Android

If you wish, you will be asked to save the call recording after each call. Or you are showing a notification on the notification bar for each call. The important thing is you can save your conversation to an SD card. That would prevent your smartphone from creating files on the system.

You can save your conversation on Dropbox or also add a passcode to prevent misuse of your call recording. This would be a handy app for your smartphone.

It works in the background silently, and the output file format would be as per your choice. If you don’t know How to Record Cell Phone Conversations, this app would be handy for you.

Call Recorder Features :

  • Automatically Record Phone Calls on your smartphone. So it would be the best Telephone Recorder for Both Conversations, e.g., All incoming and outgoing calls.
  • It would Secretly Record Phone Calls and save conversations on Dropbox or directly SD card.
  • Select output recording format.
  • Delete all recordings after 10 failed password attempts.
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Call Recorder
Call Recorder
Developer: C Mobile
Price: Free
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