Google, has started the Android Go project for all those Android smartphones that come with a low-hardware configuration. And to offers them as much as possible performance, so that all the Android users can experience smooth performance while having the low-hardware based smartphone. The Initiative of this Android Go project is started by Google to help all the people who will be using the Android smartphone in few coming days.

The Android Go is specially designed to use less storage and memory of your device while offering the smooth and faster performance. So, with Android Go operating system, all the all the apps will use less storage and less memory while running in the device than the normal Android operating system. Along with the Android Go project, the Google has also launched some “Go” tagged apps for their Android Go operating system which will come pre-installed on Android Go based devices. There are total five apps are available with Go title on the Google Play Store as of now.

Best Android Go Apps

The Go tagged apps includes Google Go (A Lite version of Google app), Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Files Go by Google, and Google Maps Go. These all the apps are specially built for the device that runs on the Android Go operating system – out of the box.

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Best Android Go apps for low-hardware based Mobiles

Today, in this post, we will discuss the best Android Go apps that you can also install on your low-hardware based Android device so that you can experience major Google apps without having to trouble. So, let’s get started & check out the below list of top best major Android Go based app for low-end devices.

Here is the list of top five major Android Go based apps for Android:

Google Go: A lighter, faster way to search

Google Go (Playstore)

If you are looking for a lighter and faster way to search on your Android smartphone that has low hardware configuration, you won’t be able to install other web browsers such as Chrome, UC browser, etc?

Then, the Google Go browser is that app that you can download and install on your Android smartphone. The Google Go app is much lighter and faster than the normal Google app, that’s’ the reason that you can use this app on your Android smartphone to search for things more faster and quicker way.

Google Go

The All-New Google Go app also supports the Voice search option, so that you can also save your time on typing things on the search, just tap on microphone icon, and say to search whatever want. It also allows you to place your favorite web pages and websites on its homepage so that user can navigate more quickly and faster.

If you are running out the storage on your smartphone, then don’t worry, because the size of this app is less than 5MB, and it does not take too much storage and RAM, that’s why it can smoothly run on any Android smartphone. And while searching for the things on the internet, it can also save your data up to 40% than normal Google App.

Specifications of Google Go

  • Optimised search results to save up to 40% Data
  • Place your favorite Apps and Web Pages to Homepage
  • Latest and Trending Topics by tapping Search Bar
  • You can switch between two Languages Any Time
  • Search with your Voice for Faster Results
  • Allows you to Set Your Own Background
  • Find and Share GIFs Directly from the App
Google Go
Google Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Google Assistant Go

Assistant (Playstore)

As we can assume from the name of the app, the Google Assistant Go is also a lite version of the normal Google Assistant app and, it specially designed for the Android Go based smart devices. The Google Assistant Go app will work similar to the normal Google Assistant app but it does not run on all the Android device.

As we have mentioned above that, this app is specially designed to runs on low-end devices, so no anyone can download on their smartphone. But, if you have an Android Go operating system based Android device, then you will have this app pre-installed on your device.

Google Assistant Go

The Google Assistant Go app work similar to the normal Google Assistant app, but in a faster and lighter way. And that’s the user can search for the things more faster way. With the Google Assistant Go app, you can use your voice to get directions to your nearest any shop such as a coffee shop, etc.

Like the normal Google Assistant app, you can also make a call by saying to Google Assistant Go app on your device. And the size of this Google Assistant Go app is approx or less than 5.0 MB. Unlike the normal Google Assistant app, it does only support the English language.

Specifications of Google Assistant Go

  • Use your voice to make a phone call
  • You can send text messages to anyone by Voice
  • Say “Play some jazz on YouTube” to play Music
  • Say and get directions to the nearest coffee shop
  • Instant Weather information
  • Get Answers to out of most Questions
Google Assistant Go
Google Assistant Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Files Go by Google

Files (Playstore)

Here is the new to manage files such as Apps, Music, Videos, Documents, and also helps you to free up the device’s storage in a few steps. So, if you have an Android device with low-hardware configuration, then the “Files Go by Google” is the app that you can install on your any Android smartphone or tablet to manage and remove files.

With this “Files Go by Google” app on your Android smartphone, you can easily be able to free up the device’s storage space than before. It also comes with the feature called “Remove Duplicate.” which enables each user to remove duplicate files from their Android smartphone.

Files Go

Even if you are looking for the best app that can manage all your files easily quickly, then the “Files Go by Google” is the best app that you can use to. This app also gives you the helpful suggestions for all of the files to erase before your run out of space on the device.

By using the “Files Go by Google” app on your device, you can easily be able to share any files or document faster without consuming the data. The all-new Files Go by Google app will take approx or less than 9MB of the storage of your device. The Smart Recommendations of this app make you the smarter the use of this app on your device.

Specifications of Files Go by Google

  • Free up space more quickly and easily
  • You easily transfer files to an SD card
  • Get helpful suggestions of files to erase
  • Enables you to organize stuff more intuitively
  • Allows you to backup all the files to Cloud
  • Find and Locate files much faster than before
Files by Google
Files by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Google Maps Go

Maps Go (Playstore)

The Google Maps Go is the other lightweight and highly featured web app variation of the normal Google Maps, and also supports the navigation feature, so that you can also use this app to navigate between two places. But, if you want to install this app on your Android device, then you also need to install the Google Chrome browser on your device to use the complete features of this Google Maps Go app.

As now you know, that the Google Maps Go is specially designed to run smoothly and faster on the device that has limited memory. The Google Maps Go app works perfectly and smoothly even when the low data connectivity.

Google Maps Go

With the Google Maps Go, You can find the fastest route combining two-wheelers, buses, taxi, metro, and walking. It also gives you to the live city public transport schedules, so that you can easily ride the bus, train or metro. It also allows you to get step-by-step directions with route preview and also helps you to plan your trips.

The Google Maps Go app works similar to the normal Google Maps app, that’s the reason, you get real-time traffic, information and traffic maps. The new Google Maps Go app also supports up to 70+ language, so that each user can use this app in their preferred language.

Specifications of Google Maps Go

  • Get real-time traffic updates and traffic maps
  • Ride the local transport with live transit info
  • Enables you to explore street with walking directions
  • Get business info instantly and quickly
  • Available in 70+ Languages
Google Maps Go
Google Maps Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


As you have seen all the above mentioned top Best Android Go Apps for the low-hardware based smartphone, these apps are much lighter and faster than other (normal) apps.

So, if you are using a smartphone or any Android device that has low-hardware configuration then these all the above-listed apps are best for you, So, download and install them on your Android smartphone, and then share your experience with us about that how’s your experience after using them on your Android device. And also share your thoughts on these apps in the comment section below.

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