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Use Android Phone as Wireless WiFi Hotspot Without Root

Last Updated On: December 25, 2014

If we are using Laptop and wants to share our internet connection with WiFi, we can manually configure Laptop as WiFi hotspot & use internet on any WiFi enabled device. But what if we have activated data plan on our android device and wants to connect to the internet with laptop? Well, we can configure our android device as portable secured WiFi hotspot. So that we can connect our laptop with android WiFi hotspot & browse internet easily.

To configure portable WiFi Hotspot on your android, follow the steps:

Configure WiFi hotspot on android device without rooting

1. Press option button and go to setting menu.
2.Tap on more option below data usage.
3.Go to tethering & portable hotspot option from there.
4.Now tap on the portable EiFi hotspot and check it, You have done.

Now you need to configure WiFi hotspot on your android device.Tap on the configure WiFi hotspot option to configure WiFi on your device.

Set up portable WiFi hotspot on android device

You will see configure WiFi hotspot menu option,there you can write your own network SSID which is your WiFi hotspot name. Select security type and your desired password there and tap on save button.

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