Do you know you can share your Android device’s data connection with another device through WiFi? It’s called WiFi tethering. In some Android smartphones, you need to install a WiFi Hotspot app to make the device a Wireless hotspot, while HTC Desire Z comes with an inbuilt feature, so you can make it a Wireless hotspot by just following easy steps.

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First, open the menu from your HTC Desire Z smartphone and then find the icon that says Wi-Fi Hotspot. When you open it, you will see the image as shown in image 2. With a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, you can share this phone’s 3G internet connection with your PC via Wi-Fi.

Activate Wireless Hotspot on HTC Z Android Smartphone

Once you set up a WiFi hotspot on your HTC Desire Z cell phone, you will be able to connect your laptop or another Android smartphone via WiFi. So your HTC Desire Z will act as a WiFi hotspot, and all devices will be able to use that WiFi internet connection to access the internet.

How to Activate WiFi Hotspot on HTC Smartphones:

  • Once you open the WiFi hotspot app from your HTC Desire Z, you will see a setting option to set up a WiFi hotspot on your device.
  • On the Router name(SSID), enter your desired name that will appear on any device when they search for new WiFi nearby.
  • You will see none of, the WEP128, WPA(TKIP), and WPA2(ATS) settings on security. If you select none, your WiFi hotspot will be free access. Anyone can access your WiFi without any passwords. While you select another option, you need to set a password that can be used as authentication while connecting to your hotspot. I recommend you set a password for your Wi-Fi hotspot so that no one else can use it.
  • Once you select security, you will need to enter your desired password that would be used to access that hotspot.
  • Once the password is set up, tap on the press to turn on the WiFi hotspot. Your Wi-Fi hotspot will be activated; you will see the notification saying your WiFi hotspot is active on the notification bar.

Once it has activated, you can search for WiFi from your laptop or other Android smartphone and connect with your HTC Desire Z’s hotspot with the password you entered when setting up the hotspot. If you have not properly set up your hotspot, it will not work. So make sure you have followed all steps correctly as mentioned in the steps above.

Once you have connected, you will be able to browse the internet connection. Please note that if you are using HTC Desire Z as a hotspot on your laptop, it might use more data than the mobile device.

So it would be better if you use the data limit android app as My Data Manager to set it as per your internet data plan so that you can avoid overusing the internet beyond your data plan.

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