The Google is one of the best service provider company like Maps, Google+, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Keep and more. Each of the services is very useful for their particular job. In which, the Google Maps is one of the most impressive services. Google Maps will find any of the road or ways which are difficult to find. It is very useful app when we are in the unknown places and locations. It shows you a perfect distance between two points along with a side-by-side description. Also of that, Google keeps all the history of searches through the maps safely. But, do you know that how to access the Android Device Location History? If no, then here we are for you to get to know about it to you.

Android Device Location History

Here, we will discuss that how to enable the Android device location history on Android mobile.  So, take a look at the easy steps to do so.

How to Enable Android Device Location History on Android:

The enabling process of the Android Device Location History is quite easy. But, entire process requires a data connection. So, before starting it, make sure that the data connection is enabled or not. If not, then make it enable on the device through Wi-Fi or Data. If possible, then also do not forget to enable the Location on the mobile.

In short, if the data connection and GPS are must enable the history location.

  • Open the Google Settings. If your device does not have it, then open the Google. Here, on the first page, you should see three lines at the top left corner. Tap on it.
  • It opens a side screen from the same side of that lines.
  • Here, go to the Settings.

Android Device Location History 1

  • Next display will bring some options for you. Here, go to the second option Accounts and Privacy.
  • Then, go to the Google Activity Controls option.
  • In this option, the last option is that what we are waiting for. Tap on the last option Google Location History.

Android Device Location History 2

  • The very next display is of Location History. In which, there is also a slider to activate it.
  • Just tap on it and you will be done!

So, above steps will help you for enabling of the Android device location history. After enabling it, the device will start to save the location history that you have used through Maps. But, what about the access of the history of the location. So, for the access to the history, there will be another some easy steps.

Have a look at it.

  • Open the Google Maps.

Android Device Location History 3

  • Here, you can see the same three lines as we have seen in above steps. Tap on it.
  • Now, go to the option Your Timeline.

You are done!

It shows you all the history of the location that you have gone through Maps. It will give you clear and cut idea about the day on which you have used Maps.

By this way, you can easily get access to your location history on your Android smartphones. We hope that you would like this discussion regarding the location history. If it does the job correctly, then do not forget to share it with regular users of Google Maps.

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