Want to tweak Android low-memory killer on your device? Here is everything you should know and do to get the results.

Did you know that operating Android OS on full RAM uses can reduce your device’s life and impact sensitive functioning leading to terrible consequences? One can head over to smooth OS performance by tweaking Android low memory killer.

In this article, we will provide you with a guide on how to tweak Android low-memory killer.

So, let’s eliminate the jargon and start exploring methods and steps to proceed and get a promising result.

How To Tweak Android Low Memory Killer

How To Tweak Android Low Memory Killer Using Terminal Emulator Application?

Kindly read all the steps carefully to proceed further towards the procedure. Also, please note that we are going to use a Terminal Emulator application here in this method.

STEP 1: Download the terminal emulator application.

  • Go over the Google Play Store app tap on it, and open it on your Android device.
  • Type Terminal Emulator for Android in the search bar and head further for information and compatibility. 
  • Choose the right and compatible terminal emulator for your device and download it. Also, you can find the best one for your device by clicking on the link.
  • Install the terminal emulator to tweak the Android low-memory killer on your device.

STEP 2: Inserting commands into Terminal Emulator.

  • Go over the terminal emulator app on your Android device and tap on it.
  • Once you have opened the terminal emulator, then start inserting commands as per the requirements.

Inserting commands into Terminal Emulator.

  • Follow the instructions to tweak Android low memory killer: Register a new threshold using commands “us” and “echo x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6 > /sys/module/low memory killer/parameters/minfree” in the command prompt. Replace x with 12800 for a 50 MB threshold. If you want a different value, then use (x*1024)/4.

Features Of Terminal Emulator Application

  1. Available for most devices except for low-end devices.
  2. Does not require root to operate.
  3. It can work exactly as per the requirements.
  4. It provides a way safer path than any other app.
  5. Save the CPU cycles of the device you are using.

Tweak Android Low Memory Killer Using  Kernel Adiutor App (For Rooted Android Phones)

Repeat the instructions given below.

STEP 1: Download the Kernel Adiutor App on Android.

  • Open the Google Play Store on your device and type Kernel Adiutor in the search box. Also, you can get the file directly from here.
  • Choose the Kernel Adiutor that fully supports LMK parameters.
  • Install the app on your device and tap on its icon to open it.

STEP 2: Configuring Kernel Auditor App.

  • Once you have opened the app, head over to the statistics option from the menu bar.

configuring kernel auditor app

  • Select the low memory killer option and proceed further to tweak Android low memory killer. 
  • Assign mid-range values to Foreground. Set it around 2560.

Inserting commands into Terminal Emulator.

  • Select the visible categories up to 5120, do not exceed this limit. Else your device will get unstable.
  • Put a check on the killing of critical system processes from the configuration.

Features Of Kernel Auditor App

  1. It is a way faster way to tweak Android low memory killer than that of Terminal Emulator.
  2. It does not need any commands to proceed with.
  3. You can change the settings anytime using it.
  4. It can co-operate on low-end devices.
  5. Also, it saves the battery from the drain.


Well, that is how you can pull over on a weak and unresponsive Android performance, and lead on tweak Android low memory killer. Also, we hope that you have got the useful info through this post. 

Furthermore, we always appreciate suggestions. So, if you have one, then do comment down below. Also, if you want to be the first to receive the latest solutions here, then follow us. So, that’s all for now, and thanks for reading this post here at TheAndroidPortal.

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