Sometimes, it will happen that suddenly your Android smartphone device enters into the safe mode. But, here one question also arises that why smartphone device goes into the safe mode. There are some users also want solution about how to take safe mode off on Android. So, first of all, we will discuss that why the Android smart devices are goes into the safe mode. Then after, we will also discuss some best fixes to turn off the safe mode.

What Does Safe Mode Mean

When the operating system of particular Android smart devices become corrupted, then the device will automatically enter into the safe mode for security. It will also happen when more than one third party apps have caused malfunctioning on your smartphone. When something awful done with your Android smart device, then it also enters into safe mode. The safe mode will automatically be activated when some serious error occurs with an app.

Regarding the application of safe mode, it also has own advantages. The safe mode does not allow to run which is not installed on your device. It is one kind of mode, which is specially designed for troubleshooting. But, it is also one of the queries that how to turn off safe mode on android devices.

How to Turn OFF Safe Mode On Android

How to take safe mode off on Android

To fix the problem of the turn off safe mode, here we will discuss some best of the solutions. The answers are too easy to perform, which you can easily apply to get rid of the problem. Here, we are going to be discussed the number of solutions. So now, take a look at the solution on how to get rid of safe mode from below.

Turn Safe Mode Off By Restarting Your Android Device

This is the easiest solution to fix the problem of safe mode. In this solution, you have to reboot or power off your Android smartphone device. To do so, just follow the steps written below.

  • Press and hold the Power button of your android device.
  • Then, select the option of Restart. It will automatically switch on your device.
  • You can also choose Power off option. After choosing that, wait for a little bit and to turn on the device press and hold the Power key.

Turn off safe mode from Notification Panel

Some of the smartphones come with the built-in Safe mode notification in the notification panel. If you have this type of device, then just swipe down the notification panel and tap on the safe mode.

If once you tap on that option, the safe mode will automatically be deactivated on your Android device.

By Switch on the Device using Power + Volume Down Keys

After performing the fixes discussed above, still you have noticed that your device is in safe mode, then try this new one. To do this, follow the info mentioned below.

  • First of all, power off your Android smart device.
  • Now, power on the device by pressing and holding the Power key + Volume Down key simultaneously.

Most of the users are reported that by using this solution they got the solution of turning off the safe mode. If you are having broken volume down key on your device, then as soon as possible use the warranty of the device and check it.

By Removing the Battery Outside

This solution is only applicable for the Android users, who have the device with the removable battery. To perform this solution, just power off your android device. Then, remove the back cover of the device and also taking the battery outside.

Now, wait a little bit. After some time, again replace the battery in android device and switch on it. This solution may quickly fix your safe mode query.

By Uninstalling the Recently Installed App

The bad or malicious apps running on your device may be one of the common reason by which your device goes into safe mode. If you have noticed anytime that some particular app or apps are misbehaving, then quickly uninstall that app from your device. By uninstalling the recently installed apps, you might get rid of safe mode on your device.

For your simplicity, here we are going to discuss the solution to disabling safe mode on android. We will discuss this solution regarding step to step info.

  • Very first, open the “Settings” from your Android device.
  • Then, go to the “Apps” or “Applications” or “Application Manager” option. In this option, go to the tab “Downloaded“.
  • Now here, uninstall those all app, which have been installed recently by you.
  • Tap on the particular app. It will show a display, which opens with the option of Uninstall.
  • Perform the same steps for all the apps which are recently installed by you on the device.

After uninstalling that recently downloaded app on your phone, the safe mode might be disabled. You can also check out video guide on uninstalling appp from a device from below.

By doing Factory Data Reset

This is also one of the useful fixes to get rid of safe mode problem of your android device. In which, you have to do the factory data reset of the android device.To factory data reset of the device, follow the easy steps described below.

How to factory reset your android

  • First of all, open the “Settings” from your device.
  • Then, select the option of “Backup and Reset“. In which, you can see the option of “Factory data reset“.
how to take safe mode off
how to take safe mode off
  • Now, to confirm the data reset, tap on that option.

Wait until the data reset gets complete. It may take some time. But, keep in mind that this factory data reset will erase all the data which have been saved on your android device. So, while performing this fix also be ready for the recovery of all the data.

You can also check this video to see how you can easily turn off safe mode on your device quickly.

Here ew have listed best possible ways on how to turn off safe mode. In which we have listed 6 easiest solutions, by using that you can easily disable the safe mode on your android smartphone device. We hope that this discussion may useful to you to easily turn off the safe mode.

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