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TapPouch – Android To Android Unlimited File Transfer Over WiFi

Last Updated On: January 30, 2015

Most often we are using android file manager or Android PC suits to transfer files, folders and apps from android smartphone. Sometime we also use bluetooth file transfer when we wants to transfer some files from one android smartphone to another android tablet device.We found a great android app that lets you Unlimited File Transfer to one android to another android over WiFi.

WiFi File Transfer for Phone For Android Tablet device

The name of this great android app is WiFi File Transfer for Phone which is available to download for free from Google Play store. The app contains maily two menus, first one is share mode & second one is manage mode.

Share Mode : Share mode allows you to share your audio, video, images files, installed apps on your devices as well as entire folder from your SD card to another android device which is connected to same WiFi network.

Manage mode : Manage mode allow you to manage incoming files, folders, apps as well as folder to your android smartphone.Below is simple demonstration for the app.

How to Transfer Files and Apps from One Android to Another Over Wi-Fi

Main advantage of this awesome android app is that you can transfer almost anything from your device to another one. In order to keep your sharing secure, the app generates a unique six digit code every time the sender hits the send button. The receiver needs to provide the same code, when prompted by the app, before sharing can begin.

How to use WiFi File Transfer for Phone

If you want to start sharing files/folders to another device, go to share mode in the app. Tap on share files/folders, now choose anything you wants to share. Suppose you wish to share videos from your SD card,  tap on video icon and you will see all videos from your SD card there. Choose the videos you want to share and now tap on share button. So that it will generates 6 digit random code that should be added in receivers device. Receiver has to click on get files/folders from share mode. Main condition is that both of the android tablets should have installed this app on their device.

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Receiver will receive the file to their android SD card once it will get connected. They may find the shared file on their SD card/TapPouch folder.TapPouch is available for both PC and android tablet.So you can share any files/folder from your android device to your PC without using android PC manager.

TapPouch Features:

  • No log-in, no ftp/ip address needed for direct files/folders transfer.
  • Easy browsing & quick file search: audio, photo, video and document folders directly.
  • Send Unlimited files/folders to with your friend securely over WiFi.
  • Phone-to-Phone WiFi Real Time File Sharing.
  • Multi-File Transfer Without Repetitive Selecting Action.
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