WhatsApp has become one of the essential apps for all smartphones without any doubt. Majorly, you can find this app on all OS-powered devices. We all know the basics that WhatsApp is a Social Messaging Service that lets you share all the media content. According to the report, In India, more than 200 million monthly active users of WhatsApp were found in February 2017. So, from these stats, we can estimate how this app is important for the users.

Now, to avoid all the illegal activities in WhatsApp Groups, WhatsApp come up with a new feature. The new feature can be called a control feature over the groups for all the admins. WhatsApp has decided to hand over the full control of the Group to its Admin.

We know that a WhatsApp Group can have a maximum of 256 members. If all those 256 members put a single message then you have to go through all those bunches of messages. Sometimes, it is quite annoying for us to open up all those messages. Apart from this, there might chance of some illegal activities through the group members. So, to have all that control only to admin, WhatsApp has come with this feature. The announcement of this feature has officially been made by WhatsApp on their official blog site.

They have also added that with this feature only allows the admins to send the messages in the groups. Through this, no member or recipient will miss any important message. It will be advantageous for the parents and teachers at schools, community centers, non-profit organizations, and more.

To make this setting activate,

  • Open Group Info >> Group Settings >> Send Messages >> select Only Admins. 

To have this setting on your smartphone, just update WhatsApp to its latest version as this feature is rolling out all over the world. Check out this video posted below to know more about this WhatsApp group setting.

Share your thoughts about this feature of WhatsApp in the comments below. We would love to hear your feedback!!

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Mukesh Chauhan
Mukesh Chauhan is an Engineering Student, who loves to write about technology and gadgets. Currently he is studying and working as an Editor on Theandroidportal.com